It is a dark time for the galaxy, choked by the tyrannical grip of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, though some of the darkest places in the galaxy can be found on the outer rim, a nearly lawless sector of space controlled by vial GANGSTERS, PIRATES, and other factions of scum and villainy.

Small groups of enterprising individuals make alliances brought together in greed, by friendship, or through destiny and dreams of fortune and glory fuel their struggles in the cut throat conditions and treacherous environments. Be their motivations true or dishonest, their obligations great or small, together they follow their fate into an uncertain future on the EDGE OF THE EMPIRE.


  1. A Few Credits Short…
  2. Final Respects
  3. Hakken’s Secret Revealed
  4. Rylon’s Little Debt Becomes Big Trouble
  5. A Short Stop for The Dawn’s Dream
  6. A Short Stop for The Dawn’s Dream
  7. Trouble Brewing Part 1
  8. Trouble Brewing Part 2
  9. Unexpected Arrivals
  10. Scoundrels of Sleheyron
  11. Debts to Pay Part 1
  12. Debts to Pay Part 2
  13. Debts to Pay Part 3
  14. Edge of the Rebellion
  15. Operation: Shell Game Part 1
  16. Operation: Shell Game Part 2
  17. Operation: Shell Game Part 3
  18. Loose ends
  19. Stranded in Space
  20. Taking Back The Box
  21. Rescue on Kessle
  22. Battle of Khuiumin
  23. Safe Haven on the Dune Sea

Star Wars - The Nameless

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