Star Wars - The Nameless

The Dawn’s Dream has docked at Hosko Station. R4-B3 and begun the repairs that need to be made. The search of the ship has turned up little other then some traces of fur on one of the bunks. The ships log was equally of little use, most of the logs having been scrubbed.

Before heading out into the station with Hakken Thul and Rylon Corsair, RA-7 disguises himself with a nonfunctional restraining bolt.

The humans, having been here before, head to the Quasar Bar to see if they can turn up some information or a job. The Balosar bartender, Zim Telos attempts to sell death sticks along with the drinks, but when Hakken and Rylon refuse he suggest they mingle with the other guests. A scan of the room shows a range of alien agricultural workers from Hosko or merchants, though two notable aliens stick out, a nervous out of place Rodian and a provocatively dressed Farghul female with two Duros.

She gets Hakkens attention, dismisses the Duros, and becons Hakken over. With flirtatious banter, the Farghul begins to inquire about Hakken’s whereabouts during the Clone Wars, if he remembers the old Holos of the Jedi, if he’s good enough to take one on… She reveals her name is Breela, leader of Crimson Nova faction of The Bounty Hunters Guild. Hakken asks what the “acquisition” is, but Breela has none to speak of right now, but she’ll be in touch.

As Hakken and Breela speak, RA picks up the audio from across the room, isolates the 2 voices, and plays the conversation from his vocabulator. After Hakken returns, RA-7 tells of an area in the unlit corner which is emitting a humanoid sized mass of ultraviolet light, suggesting a Defel. Hakken approaches warily and prods the darkened chair and reveals a passed out aged Defel reeking of alcohol. RA is amused with his by his prank. Hakken is not.

Next the three of them approach, the nervous looking Rodian. After charming him a bit and and getting a rather strong drink from the waitress droid into him, the Rodian looses up, introduces himself as Gilpeth and reveals he works for a Hutt clan and is here to be meeting the crew of the Dawn’s Dream to arrange a bounty on Bandin Dobah, aqualish pirate baron, and spice smuggling job into Nar Shaddaa. The job pays 10K on delivery and the smuggling pays 20K (10K upfront). Hakken and Rylon lie about being the contacted crew, but make it believable as they now are the crew of the Dawn’s Dream. The contracts are signed via datapad and Gilpeth, having taken a great liking to being drunk and his new human friends suggest they visit the casino. At the casino, Rylon attempts a game of chance cube, but looses. Gilpeth recklessly gambles hundreds of credits, but wins 300, pays Rylon what he lost and passes out at the tables. The droid dealer begins complaining that the Rodian is too drunk to be admitted to the establishment, so Hakken and Rylon carry him back to the Dawn’s Dream…

R4-B3 informs them the repairs will take 3 days and cost 9k credits. He also reveals a datapad found in engineering. A personal log explaining the crew of the Dawn’s Dream had taken on two bounty hunters, a Wookie named Kaakrarha and Phindian named Vek, and planned on taking up the bounty on Bandin Dobah using their contract to smuggle under him to get close. They would fly to Formos and acquire him there then take a position within the Hutt’s organization. Hakken and Rylon realize they left those two behind somewhere on Nar Shaddaa.

RA gets to work on tracking down mechanics that can undertake some upgrades and introduces Rylon to Rodian Holodramas. Later Jan Ors contacts Hakken and thanks him for his help, they made out of Nar Shaddaa only to be picked up by Jabba the Hutt’s men, revealing himself as one of private investors in the Dark Trooper program. She informs him that their next mission will be infiltrating the Imperial City, the very vaults of the Imperial Security Operations building. She invites him along, saying, “We could use another diversion.” Hakken informs her he’s putting his ship back together, which she understands. She believes he could be a great help to the Alliance and transmits encrypted codes for meeting up with members across several different worlds.

B3 calls for them to double the efforts on repairs and go to aid the Rebellion.
RA brings attention to the fact that they’ve already made deals for 2 contracts and as of now the Rebellion only owes a “favor”, but has promised no credits.

Gilpeth awakens hung over and thanks the humans and offers his comlink frequency. He makes arrangement for the spice shipment to be delivered.



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