Star Wars - The Nameless

A short stop for the Dawn's Dream (Part 2)

The first of the crews maintenance experts shows up, a Corellian Weapons Expert named Haal Lorien. He enters with a bottle of Corellian Brandy calling for Royal. He’s surprised to see Hakken and Rylon having encountering them serparatly before. They tell Haal of Royal and Taski’s deaths and catch him up on what went down on Nar Shadda and picking up where Royal left off. Haal says he’ll do any work for half the price, as long as they take down the ones responsible for his friends deaths. They drink to their memories. They decide on installing a forward facing concussion missile launcher and Haal includes 6 concussion missiles with the installation.

Cid Siln, a Rodian mechanic that does not speak basic (though understands it) interacts with by RA. When Rylon attempts to bargain the price down further the Rodian nearly walks, but RA smooths things over and he agrees to install carbon durasteel armor, reinforce the shield generator on the aft side, and install a high output ion turbine on the stipulation that the Human be kept away from him.



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