Star Wars - The Nameless

While making what was supposed to be a simple pick up from the recent acquisition of the vial gangster Bargos the Hutt, the scoundrels Rylon Corsair and Hakken Thul have discovered an eerily lifeless mining facility. With the help of an outdated administrator droid, 3D-4k, the spacers have found the office of the mine as the alarms begin to blare.

The klaxon is deafening, red flashing light fills the room, and an automated message of a calm female plays.

“Warning! Waring! Storm Barrier Generator Four compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning! Storm Barrier Generator Four is offline.”

3D-4K explains they should be perfectly safe as long as the other barriers hold out. A total of five non functioning barriers would cause catastrophic failure. B3 is called in to work on the computers system. Turning off the alarm and pulling the schematics for the facility first, he fulls up a list of the computers files. As Rylon and Sodoth poor over them, Hakken keeps a watch.
Camera Footage:

  • 3 hours earlier – A freighter setting down on Pad B, a Sullestan exits and meets an EV droid. The pair walk aboard. Camera cuts out.
  • 2 hours earlier – Mine Entrance – Miners enter mine. Camera cuts out.
  • 1 hour earlier – A Trandoshan running through the reception area fleeing blaster fire.
  • 20 min. earlier -A cloud car, operated by spherical exploration droid leaving pad A.

They examine financial records and discover the mine and discover while the facility is losing money, a number of assets have been sold off and cuts have been made leaving the facility with 165k credits on hand as operational capital.

The spacers continue on, leaving behind B3 and 4k. They enter the changing area and find an cylindrical Medtech Medical Assistance Droid idling across the room. Beyond him in the refresher lay two human males piled in the shower, wet. Burns on their abdomens consistent with blaster fire. They approach FX medical droid and it springs to life. In a dull, soothing tone it asks, “Please tell me how I can help?” They interrogate him about the bodies, “What seems to be your problem?”, he replies. Rylon pulls out a restraining bolt and moves toward the droid, “Okay, I’m gunna put this on you.” The droid slowly backs away, “I’m sorry I can not obey your request. Only my approved primary mechanic may provide repairs”. “Well, who’s your primary mechanic?”, Rylon asks as it moves through the doorway into the Cargo Room. B3 calls over the comlink that a short wave radio burst came from that room, he was only able to pick up the end “… may be pirates.”

They get their blasters back up and move into the cargo room. In center of the room they can see the FX med droid but as they enter a small R2 unit rolls at full speed toward them, letting off a scream of binary, “WHAT did he say?!”, Rylon yells over the com, “Nevermind, just call him off!” 4k asks the astromech to calm down and says they are here to help which stops the droid and sends him off to idle nearby. Giving a glance over the cargo bay they spot a Binary Load Lifter Droid and numerous crates bearing the companies logo “Oridelve”. They take the lift to Pad B to instigate the freighter.

A pile of oriidium crates stands near a cheap, utilitarian ship. Not much more then a Hyperdrive class 5 on a container with a cockpit. They head on board to find the Sullestan from the recording dead shot at point blank range next to an empty crate that may have carried blasters. The records have been wiped from the logs, but they find the Sullestan’s permit. While exiting, Sodoth slips on some blood which leads them around the side of the ship to find yet another body, this one slashed across the stomach. The miner holds a laser drill as if its a weapon.

Returning to the cargo bay, the spacers find the FX med driod and R2 unit have left. Another waring sounds over the PA.

“Warning! Waring! Storm Barrier Generator Five compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning! Storm Barrier Generator Five is offline. Storm Barrier Generator Four is offline.”

They move on to the workshop. A foundry for the oridium heats the room. A search turns up seven restraining bolts unsealed in their package, four empty boxes of restraining bolts, a tool to attach the bolts, and a simple scanner unit. Turning on the unit reaveals life form readings coming from a km. into the mine. As they head out toward the mine entrance, they notice puddles around the oil bath. They look over the side into the pool as the body of a young woman floats to the top.

At the mine entrance they find ten droids moving cargo around. An EV droid, six old B1 battle droids, two PK worker droids, and another Binary Load Lifer stack cargo to create makeshift walls. The EV droid turns on them, “Haven’t you taken enough?! Please just go!” The spacers ask for clarification. The droid explains that pirates have infiltrated the mine, brought by the freighter, they killed any miners, but left the droids alone. The spacers call up 4k and ask him to verify, but the droid only knows that droids carry no combat sub-routines and no weapons are allowed onsite. The EV droid explains that 4k is rather antiquated, unable to perform his tasks, which is why he was shut off and awaiting sale. When asked about the surviving miners, the EV droid claims not to know of their whereabouts, but believes its possible they could be at the way station within the mine.

Rylon, Hakken, and Sodoth take a mine cart into the shaft. A sloppy hotwire moves them quickly but burns out the cart. At a small shack between two of the main mine tunnels, the trio find the last of the miners. They explain that they were commed a few hours before that the droids had obtained blasters, gone mad, and began killing everyone. They’ve been trying to figure out what to do. Now with the spacers heavily armed, the miners have confidence they can take the droids, they take another cart back up to the mine entrance, letting it move slow and keeping behind it for cover, they emerge from the shaft to be greeted with blaster fire.

As they begin to return fire, another message sounds over the PA.

“Warning! Waring! Storm Barrier Generator Six compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning! Storm Barrier Generator Six is offline. Storm Barrier Generator Five is offline. Storm Barrier Four is offline.”



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