Star Wars - The Nameless

Trapped in the Mines of Gavos! The spacers Rylon Corsair and Hakken Thul along with their associate Alger Sodoth have been tricked by band of Feral Droids intent on murdering their owners! Led by the manipulative EV-8D3 the droids have armed themselves and have pinned the spacers at the entrance of the mine tunnel as the facility is under threat of being destroyed by the dangerous storms of the planet.

Blaster fire rings out as a new klaxon alarm begins to blare. “Warning! Waring! Storm Barrier Generator Six compromised. Functioning units compensating. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning! Storm Barrier Generator Six is offline. Storm Barrier Generator Five is offline. Storm Barrier Four is offline.” Announces a calm female voice over the PA.

Marv, chief miner, looks worried. “Two more of those generators go and we’re finished!” Over the blaster fire the high winds and groaning metal can be heard. “We have to get out of here and stop the droids from destroying the generators!” Hakken steps up and wipes out a row of the old B1 battle droids. Rylon takes out one, “I got one! I got one!” “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky!” the old miner yells as he returns fire. A few moments later the six battle droids have been wiped out and the spacers are off to stop the droids from making it to the freighter. Comms can’t raise the astromechs back on the YT and RA-7 is despondent and then eventually stops responding.

They enter the workshop to be confronted with two PK worker droids brandishing mining drills and the mines two Load Lifters. Hakken quickly dispatches the two worker droids in one spray of blaster fire and even gets another hit on one of the lifters. The behemoth of a droid closes in and grabs Hakken, squeezing the life from him. Rylon lets off a quick shot that makes the droid release Hakken. Gravely wounded, the bounty hunter falls back. Comms can’t raise the astromechs back on the YT and RA-7 is despondent and then eventually stops responding.

The lifting droids block the doorway, but after another round of blaster fire, one of the droids sensors are knocked out and it moves off away from the fight while the other droid is disabled. As the spacers run through the complex, they notice EV-8D3, the medical droid, and an astromech taking the lift to landing pad B, but disregard them. As they arrive back at landing Pad A, they can see across the way the old freighter lifting off.

They arrive back at the ship to find RA-7 watching his Rodian holodramas but R5-W9 is no where to be found. R4-B3 comes from the engine room with everything started up. He reestablishes comms which had been mysteriously disabled.

They take off and head toward the projected path of the cloud car. Rylon has trouble keeping the ship stable in the high winds, but manages to get the jump on the droid. Its only moments out of range from destroying the final generator when they catch up with him and blast him out to the sky.

Later, the spacers find a restraining bolt on the inside calf of RA-7, once it’s removed he explains that he believes it was placed there by a MSE-6 mouse droid. Back to his normal self, RA negotiates with the miners about the money they have to take to Bargos the Hutt. After some haggling, they get their payment in full and take a message to the Hutt from Marv about needing further investment to get the mine solvable.

Once back on Sleheyron, Alger Sodoth is given 6k to start up his enterprise, and the spacers go to meet with Bargos. Led by his Toydarian majordomo through the opulent mansion past Gamorean gaurds and to Bargos audience chamber, they enter to find the Hutt in good spirits. They give him his payment from the mine as well as the information they uncovered and the message from the miners. He promises to speak with his Banking Clan allies about removing the bounty on Hakken and Rylon, though confesses that the Empire will likely find other means to reestablish it. He is impressed with their skills and would like to keep them on retainer, but they graciously decline. “We’ll get paid when we do the work”. Bargos is happy to keep them in mind for future jobs.



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