Star Wars - The Nameless

B3 returns to the garage with RA, Hakken, Rylon, and Eelia. He asks for help moving Gretina’s body to the incinerator. In silence they pay their final respects…

B3 has his restraining bolt removed and reveals Gretina’s safe containing 500 credits and a holdout blaster. B3, RA, and Eelia stay behind and load usable equipment out and back to the apartment.

Hakken and Rylon visit the docking bay, guarded by six of Rusk’s men, including “Bruiser”, a slow witted Besalkis enforcer. Being in the employ of Rusk, no attention is paid when they start talking to Captain Royal and his first mate Taski. Rylon goes aboard with the captain who immediately begins asking questions. He asks who Rusk is, how get took over the dock and warehouse so quickly and what happened to the Swoop gang. Rylon can only answer about the gang. Captain Regal confesses he works under contract smuggling spice for an Aqualish pirate lord and the swoop gang was the distributor. He asks Rylon to find out who Rusk really is and promises a ride to the next major port

Rylon and Hakken visit Rusk next. Hakken hands over the 30K from Frank Garret, and Rusk is not pleased. He demands the other 20k by the end of the night, as well as the completion of some more collections work. Hakken is to visit the Spice Den and pick up a payment while Rylon heads to collect rent from a Verpine priest known to the locals just as “Pera”. He also tacks on the job of closing negotiations with the Dawn’s Dream to hand over their spice shipment… since they’ve already taken it upon themselves to get involved.

Hakken meets Larisselle, owner of the local spice den. She laments over the hush money Rusk demands for not informing the Hutts about her operation and her mouth gets away from her when she considers out loud selling Rusk out to the Hutts, having discovered his backing is coming from the criminal organization, Black Sun. She pays Hakken a little extra to keep that between them.

Meanwhile Rylon can’t bring himself to extort money from the aging Verpine. He listens to the sermon about the “path of the sacred way” and excuses himself.

After meeting back up, Hakken takes it on himself to collect from the “Pera” and tells Rylon to go back to the apartment and wait. The Verpin only has 500 of the requested 2k credits. Hakken takes the credits, the crystal that the Verpine displayed on a pedestal, and tells the being to leave the neighborhood.

Hakken returns to Rusk, turns over the Spice Den payment and Verpine’s rent money (mostly out of pocket). Rusk is disappointed that Hakken has done Rylon’s favor… which still leaves Rylon on the hook for his debt.

Hakken then negotiates with the swokes swokes merchant, Wuckem, for a blaster rifle and a modified light blaster pistol. Then heads over to negotiate with Frank Garret. Frank is only 5k credits off, but Hakken gets him to keep his 15k and turn the sabacc den over to him.

Eelia returns to Frank and Rylon goes to visit the ship in dock again… Things are more tense, and the captain fears that Rusk’s men will storm they ship soon and take spice shipment instead of waiting for a deal to be struck.



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