Star Wars - The Nameless

As Rylon and Hakken argue over the level of danger they’re in, Hakken is contacted by Jan Ors , Alliance operative. She makes a plea for help, having come across his name in several Imperial documents she’s recovered regarding her current mission. Her partner has a rather large bounty out on him but Hakken has a sizable one on him as well. She asks that he expose himself and maybe draw some of the attention away.

Rylon sets to the streets to gather up gamblers for a impromptu sabacc tournament.

Hakken gets comm call after call from Rusk asking him to come in, but Hakken ducks him, and buys 4 frag grenades from Wuckem. He visits Larisselle and sells her the sabacc den, for a profit for once.

When Hakken finally goes into Rusk, he finds a full lobby at the office and Rusk pleased. Lariselle has turned over the sabacc den to him. Then Rusk tips his hand and asks how he plans on making the credits to stave off his bounty. Hakken makes a run for it and gets to the lobby. He drops his bag of frag grenades he had stashed under his arm, taking out 3 of Rusk’s men immediately and sealing the door to Rusk’s office trapping him inside. Hakken tries to make it to the door but finds it locked. He draws and fires on another that took cover beside the couch and continues the fire fight with the final three who’ve taken cover behind overturned Dejarik board. Though several serious hits are scored on him, Hakken is sure to finish off the rest before leaving, but leaves Rusk locked in his office.

Outside, word has spread about the sabacc tournament. A crowd begins to gather around the sabacc den which provides perfect cover to keep Rusk’s men slowed down from coming to his aid. Hakken calls Rylon and the droids and tells them to get to the Dawn’s Dream. They fight off the few guards left and have the engines coming up on a cold start, just as the droids make it onboard.

R4-B3 breaks the code to release the docking clamps, just as Hakken finds the crew dead in engineering. A brief flash of a Defel is seen as the primary hyperdrive blows. Rylon takes her out of the docking bay and one of the escape pods fires ejecting over “The Box”

They make it beyond orbit and assess repairs when the sensors pick up incoming fighters…



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