Star Wars - The Nameless

After delivering the captured prototype starfighter to the drop point, the spacers and their surviving droid are shuttled back to Titan Base where they warn the Alliance of the imminent attack by the Empire. Rylon spends the evacuation in a bacta tank and being outfitted with a new arm, while Hakken and B3 attempt to finish the modifications on the old YT. With only a handful of support staff including the members of Bandit and Nightmare Squads, Commander Elemack has put the last business on hold for a gathering in the mostly empty hanger bay.

Fanfare calls to the spacers from their open loading ramp. “That can’t be for us”, Rylon muses. A familiar voice calls up to them. The spacers find the two squads lined up at either side of the ramp and Commander Elemack waiting for them ahead at the bottom. Hakken slides his helmet on and they walk down, greeted by applause, stopping in front of the Mon Cal commander. “We are here today to thank and award to brave heroes to the Alliance. Firstly, Hakken Thul, we present you with the Alliance Civilian Battle Award for your part in Operation: Shell Game.” The commander sticks a ribbon onto Hakken’s armored chest. “Next we award one of our own, Rylon Corsair. Firstly you are awarded a Redbird for the injuries you sustained in battle.” He pins a small rebel insignia to Rylon’s collar. “Next, though usually reserved for SpecForce operatives, we present you with the Crescent of Valor for bravery under fire while freeing a SpecForce team. And lastly… a Field Achievement Award for coming back from your first mission.” The audience chuckles at the mention of the award and applaud the heroes.

For a few moments the squads linger, coming up to congratulate the spacers, as Commander Elemack explains to Rylon he may be called back to active service even while he acts a procurement specialist. Rylon makes a joke about prison breaks and Elemack nods. "Actually, there’s a mission in planning phase now to assault the Spice Mines of Kessel to rescue rebel prisoners, Rylon tells him of the hidden asteriod base in the Kessel sector the spacers captured, though admits that the Empire likely has knowledge of its location and will be looking for them there. Elemack thanks the spacers and will pass the coordinates up to logistics for integration into the mission. He then excuses himself to finish seeing the final transport away.

Mesha Vendock approaches the spacers next. He’s completely cleaned up, shaved, and stands tall in his uniform. “I need to thank you for getting me up and on my feet again. You’re welcome to run with Bandit Squad any time…” He pulls a small recording rod from his pocket. “You should have this, it’s the last recorded message from Senator Ivor Drake it was intended for your droids old master. Don’t know whats on it, it’s totally encrypted, but maybe the droid can figure it out….” After a few more goodbyes, everyone is back to the evacuation.

After some last minute start up trouble, the YT is the last to leave Titan Base. Not far from the planet, before a hyperdrive course can be set, the YT comes across three TIEs streaking from hyperspace. A TIE interceptor leading two standard TIEs outfitted with hyperdrive engines. The battle does little damage to the YT before they destroy the TIEs and make hyperspace to Sleheyron.

Later The Nameless YT sets down at Bargos the Hutt’s mansion. They are led to an audience in Bargos’s main audience chamber, where as usual a party is in full swing. Rylon begins to tell him about a neighborhood on Nar Shaddaa that has been taken over by Black Sun. Bargos can’t believe that Black Sun would be so bold to go under the Hutts, but warms up to the idea of taking back territory that the other clans are unaware of, especially if he can collect while the spacers do all the work.

Rylon, knowing Jabba the Hutt controls a majority of Nar Shaddaa Crime and that Bargos is not allied with Jabba, suggests they also bring in Diori the Hutt to pad their firepower. Bargos agrees to speak with Diori and make arrangements to take back The Box. He tells them to do nothing until their forces are ready.

While Rylon loses credits gambling, Hakken goes back to the ship to begin arrangements and tie up loose ends. First he sends a message to Jan Ors telling her about RA-7-MTD, Imperial Intelligence Officer Obran Cass, and the Dark Troopers they faced.

Then he contacts Platt Okeefe to warn her not to go to the meeting at the asteroid base as it most likely is compromised by the Empire. She admits she was never going to show but does offer her help. She offers to smuggle for them and sends them an invite to Cynabar’s Infonet, an exclusive information service for smugglers.

Last, Hakken comms Alger Sodoth expecting to find him on Formos, but Alger is at the asteroid base. He has The Vagrant back together using a team of 3 Pit Droids and has excavated more of the cavern to fit the YT and another fighter using an old mining droid. He suggests a legitimate mining operation be set up within the asteroid field before Hakken cuts him off and tells him to evacuate the compromised base. The spacers will meet him at Formos where he’s to put together a crew.



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