Star Wars - The Nameless

RETURNED TO SERVE THE REBEL ALLIANCE. Rylon Corsair rendezvous with the Rouge Squadron and an elite commando team led by Crix Madine to rescue prisoners from the Imperial prison colony in the Spice Mines of Kessle. The spacers settle in for mission briefing.

Aboard a command ship, Rylon Corsair, Hakken Thul, and R4-B3 sit with a squad of 20 soldiers and seven pilots of the Rouge Squadron including Commanders Luke Skywalker and Wegde Antillies – Heroes of the Battle of Yavin. Crix Madine, a recently defected Imperial Officer, stands in front of those assembled, a holographic projection of Kessle, the oddly oblong shaped mining planet, spins behind him.

“Kessle, As we all know the Empire uses this planet as a forced labor prison, inmates include pirates, gangsters, and criminal psychopaths as well as prisoners of war. Based on Commander Antillies’ intel gathered while incarcerated, we believe to have located a facilities dedicated only to higher level political prisoners. The mission will be to assault these facilities and rescue those being held there. Rouge Squadron will fly escort to a captured Sentinal Class Lander. While the Rouges knock out the main power generator we’ll move through a series of canyons staying off sensors and come out through the back. The Imperials wont fire on an Imperial ship without code rejection or hostile action at least for a moment – with this advantage we’ll drop and deploy. At this point the Rogues will rejoin taking the attention off us and eliminating the immediate threats while teams move to their sites. Red Team will take prison complex. Yellow Team mines. Black Team will infiltrate the interrogation complex. Individual mission parameters will be given in route. Dismissed!”

Madine approches the spacers, “Lt. Corsair. Mr Thul – a moment? I’d like to thank you for offering your private base in Formos as a fall back position.”, he moves in close and lowers his voice. “I have a separate mission for you that is better given in private. There is an interrogator at this facility. A Doctor Jirah, whose methods of extracting information are only whispered within in Imperial Intelligence. I have personally seen evidence to his horrors and based on this Alliance high command has given an execute order for his crimes against the galaxy. We’d like you to see to this order.” Rylon agrees and Hakken nods, “My usual fee applies”. Madine turns to Rylon, “Lt. Corsair, would you care to pilot the sentinel into this mission, I hear your skills with bulky craft are commendable.” Rylon sultes, “Thank you, sir, I’d be honored.

Later, after a jump to hyperspace to Kessle, the sentinel class and x-wing squadrons sneak past planetary defense and into Kessle’s poison atmosphere. After the Rouges move off to take down the shield generator, Rylon maneuvers through the final stretch of canyon before reaching the complex.

Rylon impressively makes his way through some sharp turns and makes a narrow fit to another sharp turn, only scraping the sides of the canyon wall a bit before making it to to the prison complex. Using the temporary moment of confusion as they approach, comms jammed, Rylon flies between two Blaster Turret towers and sets the craft down on the central landing tower. The commandos deploy immediately, Rylon and Hakken a step behind Black Squadron, they catch up as slicers override the lift down to the interrogation facility.

Before moving down the long tunnel to the facility, R4-B3 takes out the cameras and security system ahead of them, but unfortunately knocks out the lights. Stormtroopers have noticed the malfunction and start to explore it when the team arrives at the processing desk. Hakken takes aim from the darkness and fires, killing the first trooper, but another four move out and fire back into the tunnel. One commando is knocked down, but not out. They finish the fight and B3 moves to the desk to access any information he can. He manages to pull up recent prisoner interrogations before the desk is locked out. He beeps and whistles, Rylon understands him, “Who? Who’s here?”, he asks. The read out from the computer reads “Senator Ivor Drake of Kestos Minor and she’s being interrogated now!”

Black Squad spilits its forces east and west. After a blaster fight with another 9 stormtroopers and their Sargent, the spacers free the prisoners from the east wing and proceed further into the complex. Another two squads of troops, a Sargent, and then a Phase II Dark Trooper later the spacers open the door on an Imperial Officer expecting the Dark Trooper, as he tries to surrender Hakken blasts him.

Moving to the next room with a ready squad of Stormtroopers, the spacers see a window into the interrogation room, the elderly Ivor Drake strapped down, a hovering IT-O droid hovering next to her and a doctor that stands over her, his lips sneer and small black eyes shine as he stars back. The window fades to wall and the troopers open fire. Making short work of them and expecting no more resistance, the spacers are caught off guard when the doors open to another Dark Trooper, they dodge the incoming missile and manage to take down the killer droid.

As they round the corner to the interrogation room the IT-O droid comes at them, taking it out with one shot and hardly breaking stride they hear a blaster fire from within. Inside they find Doctor Jirah dropping a blaster and raising his hands. Ivor Drake is still strapped to the table with a smoking hole in her stomach. She moans in pain, clinging to life.

Doctor Jirah laughs and begins making a deal, his life for hers. Only he can save her life now, but he will only do so if they let him live. The spacers hesitate. Over the comm, Madine announces they have incoming fighters and to finish their objectives.

You must choose.. my life or the woman’s, but you don’t…” Hakken blasts him. Rylon moves in with stem packs and med kits, but Ivor Drake can not be saved. He tries to comfort her, “We have the Jedi’s droid. The one you were to meet 20 years ago.” Her eyes go wide, “The Jedi is here, He made it?”. Rylon shakes his head, “No, we don’t know where he is, but we have his droid. We got your last message from Mesha Vendock, but can’t break the pass code to view it”. With her last breath she says, “The code is – Tresalore

Black Squad and the surviving prisoners make it back to the Sentinel Lander. Red Team has lost a few members and Yellow team lost even more. As they try to make it off the landing pad, a squad of TIEs catches them offguard. The Rouges fly in a take it out. They make atmosphere and Commander Skywalker addresses the squad, “Good work, Rouges. General Madine, we’ll buy your boys a round when we get back to the fleet.” Madine leans into the comm next to Rylon, “You’re on, Commander Skywalker, Good Luck!

They make hyperspace only to drop out a short time later, damaged in the escape. With only the backup drive available they take refuge in the nearest position, the Formos asteroid base.

After a long trip to the Formos system and through the tunnels of their secret base, Rylon comes across signals, someones inside. They come up on the craft behind the pressure curtain, A Ghartoc light frighter, recognized as belonging to the Eyttyrmin Batiiv Pirates they freed from the Imperials and had planned to meet before their bases location was compromised.

The Batiivs have been waiting a while and now have to return to Khuiumin to make a stand against two incoming Star Destroyers. They strike a deal with the Rebels, they happen to have the parts needed for the hyperdrive repairs and will hand them over if the Alliance will aid in their cause. Seeing as they owe the Alliance for rescuing them in first place, they agree to the allowance of an X-Wing fighter and the spacers help in the fight. The pirates depart for home and the rebels return to the fleet.

On the return trip, Madine makes a deal with Hakken to join the Rebellion. For their part they are given battlefield accommodations; Hakken to Major and Rylon to Lieutenant Commander.



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