Star Wars - The Nameless

Showdown on Rodia

New ally Johan Cross has delayed the start of the Rebel’s mission for Onderon to give time for the spacers of The Nameless to finish their personal mission to stop the Black Sun operative known as Rusk. The crew have barely 48 hours to make it to Rodia, find and stop the criminal once and for all, and return before the Alliance gets underway.

While flying into the Rodian atmosphere all scans are jammed, but the crew has the location of Rodian hunting lodge Rusk turned over to them while bargaining for his life on Nar Shaddaa. From a far they recon the site. The enclosed dome pokes out of the thick Rodian jungle and the crew sees that it is not abandoned like Rusk claimed. It houses a yacht and a Firespray. They fake a forced landing with needed repairs.

Godan speaks for them over the comm in Rodian and negotiates for a use of a landing pad. After setting down, Rylon remains ready to take the Nameless back up at a moments notice. Godan heads out of the ship to speak to occupants allowing Hakken to use his new optical cammo to slip out unnoticed.

On the pad a human calls out “Ten minutes till hunt!”. Hakken slips in behind him into the dome and then into the lodge inside but finds his armor’s cammo knocked out by some electronic countermeasures. He safely hides in the shadows before being seen. He continues to follow the human to find Rusk in an office though stays hidden. Rusk knows someone has breached his hideout from a reading on his computers. He orders the human to take his men to hunt down the Rodian that’s just landed and calls out to darkness for the intruder to reveal themselves.

Hakken reveals himself by firing on Rusk and the human. He drops the human and maims Rusk. Rusk pleads for his life, promising a position in Black Sun, meetings with Vigos, info from the vast information vaults using Rusks own personal codes indicating the chip on his lapel. Hakken approaches Rusk dropping his gun and letting it hang by it sling, reaches up with one hand to tug the chip off and with the other stabbing Rusk in the neck with his combat knife.

At that moment an Aqualish hunter opens the door to the office. Rusk drops to the ground and Hakken spins around. Startled by the gruesome site, the Aqualish fires at Hakken but is dropped quickly by Hakkens return fire.

Meanwhile, Rylon and crew start up the Nameless on Hakken’s orders. They fire at the other ships with their ion cannon knocking out both the waiting yacht and Firespray. Then fire a missile at the dome, knocking a hole in it leaving it vulnerable to the jungle’s dangers.

Hakken fires wildly at the hunters waiting around who flee in terror, allowing Hakken and Godan to make it back to the ship. The Nameless lifts off just as two TIEs and an Imperial patrol boat approach. Hakken mans the turrent and knocks the patrol boat into a spin and Rylon outflys the TIEs making it to orbit.

Godan reveals what he learned as Hakken was engaged with Rusk. Apparently the hunting lodge was illegal, hince the Imperial force, and the men there were rich. They sadly just lost what could have been a fortune.



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