Star Wars - The Nameless

The Dawn’s Dream sets down on Formos and the crew are taken with the stale and parched atmosphere as soon as they step off board the ship. While the droids stay behind, Hakken and Rylon explore the spaceport. They notice the lack of aquatic heritage species and water salesmen throughout the port charging outrageous prices as they look for the cantina.

A glowing neon sign points the way to Rii Jenks cantina and they take a path up a disorderly jumble of hastily constructed dwellings creating a maze of tight alleyways filled with debris, portable trash compactors, personal moisture condensers, and crates line the gangways as they thread between houses and streets. They hear a loud rattle and a low monotonous voice calling out as they pass one partiulcarly dark alley. When they move a few pieces of garbage from the trash compactor they find J-3PO, badly damaged. His head is dented, one of his ocular sensors pulled out and dangling, but worst of all his lower half has been seperated and the wires spill out like intestines and it bleeds hydrolic fluid. He pleds with Hakken and Rylon to find his friend, R5-W9.

As he slowly goes offline, J-3PO explains he and R5 were astrogators for hire and R5 had perfected a Kessel Run that was 14 parsec, not the fastest but fast. J-3PO explains that the pair were attacked about 20 hours ago, he believes the thugs were mostly human and male. He saw them fit a restraining bolt on R5 and drag him away before being thrown into the trash compactor. His eyes dim and voice drops an octave, “Please save my friend…” he begs before going offline. They take his head to attempt to salvage any more data later and continue to the cantina.

Hakken and Rylon find refreshment from the air conditioning and cocktails being served at Rii Jenk’s. To the right of the door a flickering holoscreen displays the rotating head of a tough-looking Aqualish, with scrolling text advertising an Imperial bounty for Badin Dobah. It reads: “The office of Moruth Doole, administaraor of the spice mines of Kessel, is offering up a 10,000 credit reward for teh killing or capture of the Aqualish pirate Bandin Dobah. This dangerous outlaw from justice is guilty of the murder of the Empire’s serurity operatives, destruction of Imperial Property, movement of contraband, black marketerring of narcotics, and acts of criminal conspiracy.”

On stage is Fia Mund, billed as the Sullistan Master of the Kloo Horn. The bartender and namesake of the establishment is a Bith, very keen to keep out of trouble with his clientele. He offers up little info, only that Dobah has preyed on some of his regulars, ambushing them as they exit hyperspace at the asteroid belt further in the system.

Hakken and Rylon take a booth, and not a few moments later Snoo, a Devarionian infochant takes a sit beside Rylon. He introduces himself and offers his services. After some negotiating on the price, they ask where Bandin Dobah is but this doesn’t not know. He does offer up why Dobah has an Imperial Bounty as well as from the Hutts. Apparently the administrator of the spice mines of Kessel has illegal dealings to sell spice to the Hutts, and Dobah has been pillaging their shipments. The two human scoundrels ask Snoo about the droidnapping was done by Dobah, he confesses that he’s not aware but a faster route through the Kessel run would give Dobah an even greater advantage. Finally they ask if theirs been any other attention on the bounty, and are told there has been little attempt on it other then by a Rodian Bounty Hunter several weeks back but never returned. Rylon pays for the info and then drops another double payment on top, “You’re on retainer now”.

An elegantly dressed Rodian walks in the bar, Zukata catches Rylon’s eye and he goes to hit on her. As he makes his way across the bar Daro Blunt, Spir Fraxis, and Gut-Guro walk into the bar and approach Zukata. Rylon tries to butt into their harassment of the Rodian female and is threated by the Weequay Gut-Guro.

Throwing caution to the wind, Rylon draws his blaster and sticks it in Gut-Guro’s back then grabs him for cover. Daro and Spir quickly draw their blasters and Daro fires at Rylon’s head. It critically hits, over powering Rylon to release Gut-Guro, and leaving a scar from the edge of his eye across the top of his ear. Before they can do much more, Hakken stands draws his carbine, and fires off a few shots at Daro. The three run out of the bar.

Zukata helps Rylon back to the booth with Hakken and tells her coverstory about checking map accuracy. The guys see through it and she comes clean telling them the missing Rodian Bounty Hunter that went after Dobah is her brother, Godan Netakka. He went into debt getting gear and jumped planet. She asks for their help in finding him. They agree and walk her back to her hotel.

Along the way, Hakken notices they are being followed by a Toydarian. He runs when he gets spotted and Hakken takes pursuit. Sneaking up on the flying creature as it entered a warehouse. Hakken moves along side the building, climbing as near he can to an high open window. Though he can’t see, he hears the voices from the Cantina talking to the Toydarian.

Daro’s gruff voice speaks first, “I mean, I want to pay them back for that anyhow, but are you sure it’s anything that should be of concern to the Big Man?”
The Toydarian sounds somewhat unctuous. “I couldn’t be sure, but it seems that they are mixed in with things somehow. Thy’re new in town. Been asking questions. Checking the bounty notice. I thought I heard them say something about a missing droid, but I could be wrong. The were getting themselves pretty cozy with the Rodian girl as well, if you know what I mean.”
Daro grunts, “It’s good you came to us, Zalg, here’s a token of appreciation”

Zalg leaves and Hakken continues to listen. Daro then orders everyone in on this and get ready, they’re “going to deal with these trouble makers soon”. Hakken nearly falls from his perch and alerts the gang. Hakken makes a run back to Rylon who’s dropped the girl off with no incident.

Hakken explains what he heard as Rylon goes for a bacta treatment on his head, the wound is treated but the scar is left behind.

When they arrive back at the ship, Snoo calls them and tells them to check the Imperial Bounty notice again… it now displays Hakken Thul’s updated to show the last know ship he was traveling on along with the accomplice Rylon Corsair.



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