Star Wars - The Nameless

Hakken, Rylon, and RA decide not to wait much longer before taking the fight to Daro. In the early morning they arm up and head toward the gang’s safe house. As they move through the streets, people move indoors or watch them pass from inside. The courtyard outside the cantina, alive with action yesterday, is empty. The merchants should be vying for spots to make their days wage… The group stops just shy of exiting the ally. Hakken climbs up to the roof of the building and blaster fire lets loose a few warning shots.

Daro calls for Hakken to climb down saying they got no idea who they’re messing with and that Hakken’s not the only one with high ground. That’s when Hakken notices the large gun barrel sticking out of the high window on the warehouse across the courtyard. Hakken false starts to climb down, opening fire on Daro, who falls back for cover as the rest of his gang let loose. First Spir gets picked off by Rylon. As Daro and Gut-Guro fall back to the safehouse, the heavy blaster rifle lets loose on the courtyard below and across at Hakken. As Hakken takes aim at the shooter through the open window a group of Toughs run from the cantina, blasters in one hand, stun grenades in the other. They run up on Rylon and RA, who dispatch two of them with Hakken’s help and the third makes a run for it… Rylon stuns him in the back. They gather up the Heavy Blaster Rifle before moving on to the safehouse.

Hakken takes position on a rooftop across from the garage door. RA slices the lock and Hakken takes the shot on Gut-Guro dropping him at once. Two blasters come skidding out the door and Daro yells, “Okay… Not worth it”. Rylon moves in, Daro drops his backpack and Rylon cuffs Daro. They see R5-W9 hooked up to a small desktop computer which reads, “Configuration Complete – coordinates compatible.” A search of the bag turns up some credits, meds, and a restraining bolt remover. They interrogate Daro. He tells them that Bandin Dobah does the hijacks and moves product to groups of smugglers to get to the distribution – They know that. He tells them that the coordinates to get to the pirates base have been loaded onto the droid – They figured that. He begs to be let go, citing that he has no bounties out on him, “I’m worthless”. Hakken raises his blaster, “That’s right. You are”. Rylon offers a deathstick to Daro, which he bites between his teeth and sucks it down. Knowing what comes next he looks to Hakken, “Do it”, he says. A single blaster shot makes a crater of Daro’s face. They leave him in cuffs to send a message.

RA removes the restraining bolt from R5. Rylon lets him know that his friend J-3PO has been …broken… but insists they can rebuild him. RA objects and refutes that claim rather bluntly. They gather up all they can and head back to the ship, a small group cheer for their street justice. Zukata rushes out to Rylon. She pleads one last time for him to bring back her brother. Rylon promises he will.

The trip to the asteroid field is a short one. Along the way, B3 accesses a file named PASS on Daro’s computer, as they drop out of hyperspace and R5 indicates the large slowly moving rock as their target. The asteroid is riddled with caverns, Rylon expresses some fear of space slugs, “Just a space legend” Hakken claims, but RA chimes in that space slugs are very real and have made the asteroids tunnels but seemed to have moved on.

B3 sends the code and they sentry droid passes them. Rylon flies the ship into a large entrance the asteroid tunnels, sure to avoid the stringy black ichor left behind by the space slugs that coalesces into dangling sticky stalagmites.

First they come across a wrecked single fighter. They find a rack of new Thalassian binders and hylium grenades. They move further into the asteroid and turn headlong into a cave of mynocks. Hakken is ready on the gun and disperses them. Finally they arrive at the cavern occupied by Bandin Dobah’s ship.

The YV-666 sits parked behind an small pressure curtain. Hakken and Rylon approach cauciously but no one is around except a pair of binary load lifer droids moving cargo pods. They move onboard into the cargo bay, past the escape pods, and toward the common area where three humans and a Rodian are having coffee.
Hakken moves in and opens fire, taking out the three humans with a flurry of auto-fire.

Godon Netakka, goes for his blaster, but Rylon is quick to say that they were sent by his sister. He skeptically asks her name and occupation when Rylon offers that up as well he stops and explains that he’s working with Dobah now as it was him tha pulled him from his wreakage and fixed him up. Hakken asks where Dobah is now, “I’m here”, the Aqualish calls as he enters blaster raised. After a brief stand off he ‘gives up’ and raises his hands and the blaster, when Rylon demands he drop it, Dobah’s first mate clubs Rylon from behind. Dobah takes cover behind Godan. Hakken switches to stun and opens fire on both of them. They are both critically injured and drop, though Dobah stays conscious and continues firing. Rylon takes out the first mate. Ready to just kill him and be done with it, Hakken despairs as he runs out of ammo, so he smashes Dobah’s face and cuffs him.

A search of the ship turns up 20k of spice as well as gear and weapons. Unfortunately the ship’s main hyperdrive is broken…



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