Star Wars - The Nameless

Rylon, Hakken , and B3 mull over the broken hyper drives of The Vagrant when RA alerts them to an incoming ship.

Rylon runs back the YT, Hakken and B3 to the cockpit of the Vagrant. RA sends the signal to the ship informing them they are docked and within the tunnel, it in turn signals the Vagrant and B3 responds with text message that a business deal is being discussed and to disregard the YT.

The star fighter comes into visually range. The Z-TIE has the wings of TIE fighter and the body of a Z-95 headhunter, this type of ship is colloquially known as an ugly – an amalgamation of salvaged snubfighter parts into a single starfighter. It flies into the cavern and sets itself down on its wings and an extended forword landing foot.

Alger Sodoth, had been providing cover for the sentry droid outside the asteroid. The human smuggler and Dobah’s last man, comes aboard the Vagrant. Hakken goes for the lift, but it closes on him, having already been called down. It opens a moment later empty. Rylon yells over Hakken’s comm link to take the human alive. As Hakken takes the lift down he cuts his comm and runs right into Sodoth. The smuggler has found the bodies of the crew and has his pistol up with a nervous finger on the trigger – he lets a shot off on Hakken critically injuring him leaving him compromised and knocked unconscious with a fearsome wound.

RA slices into The Vagrant’s comm and pa system. Rylon tries various methods to get Sodoth to surrender but Sodoth counters with a prisoner exchange offer. Rylon comms B3 to escape. During an attempt to deceive Sodoth, Rylon spills that more crew are aboard. Sodoth takes B3 hostage as well.

Desperate to resolve things, Rylon takes the YT up and moves into the pressure curtain in attempt get his guns trained on the Vagrant. Sodoth abandons his unconscious and droid prisoners for the Vagrants cockpit weapon system. He fires his one concussion missile but misses the YT and collapses the shorter tunnel out of the asteroid.

B3 calls the lift down to the cargo deck, locks it down, then pushes/drags Hakken out of the Vagrant. A stim pack gets Hakken back on his feet. Beaten, Sodoth pleads to be dropped off on Formos. He surrenders and is thrown into the brig along with Dobah.

Hakken and Rylon decided to leave the ships here for now, behind the pressure curtain and tend to the matters at hand. To protect their hidden treasures, B3 comes up with an idea. The astromech calls in the sentry droid and attaches Daro’s computer, reconfiguring it to broadcast the bio signature of a Space Slug and setting the droid to patrol only within the asteroid tunnels itself, making the asteroid appear to be “occupied”.

On the way to Formos, they contact Gilpeth. The Rodian is pleased to have results so soon and invites them to come to his master’s (Thakba Besadii Diorii) estate on Sleheyron to present their acquisition and collect the bounty.

Back in Formos Rylon hands Godon Netakka over to his sister Zukata. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him, claiming they may have saved his life in more ways then one. With his injured leg, he may not be able to bounty hunt again. Hakken goes to heal himself with a Bacta treatment before they continue on to Sleheyron.



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