Alger Sodoth

Human Pirate / Smuggler


Alger Sodoth grew up on the baron world of Formos and as such he had little choices afforded to him. In his late teens he took up a street gang at the Formos Spaceport. After a few years the gang had graduated to smuggling. A chance run in brought his gang of smugglers under the employ of an Aqualish pirate, Bandin Dobah.

A botched job took out most of his gang and left Alger to make a quick getaway. Alger went back to Dobah to explain what had happened and hoped not to be killed for it. Impressed with his piloting skills Dobah kept him alive and employed, now on his direct support crew, and only sold Algers ship for the debt.

Algers had stashed away 500 credits in hopes of getting transport to Little Kessel, a verdent and temperate planet a few systems away, to a new life…

-But after a routine watch Sodoth returned to find Hakken Thul had taken in Dobah. In a desperate bid to save his life from Hakken’s reprisal for being shot, he volunteered to use The Vagrant to start Doban’s operation anew and pay up to them.

Alger Sodoth

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