Bandin Dobah

Aqualish Pirate


Bandin Dobah was a ruthless killer who worked in various gangs and mercenary groups over his life.

At middle age, tired of following others orders, he killed everyone on The Vagrant, the YV-666 frieghter used by a group of Mercs he had taken up with. Stationing himself on Formos, he recruited rings of smugglers and local thugs.
After several months he operated about seven cells of smugglers and pirates. They struck from the Astroid Field near Formos and preying on ships at the end of the Kessel Run.

He made several enemies including Thakba Besadii Diori, small time Hutt crime lord and Moruth Doole, administrator of the spice mines of Kessel. Each put up bounties for his capture.

He was killed on Sleheyron during gladiatorial combat after being turned over to Diori the Hutt.

Known Cells
  1. The Dawn’s Dream
  2. The Dianoga Riders
    Nar Shaddaa
  3. Daro’s gang

Bandin Dobah

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