Muggonite Leader of the Dianoga Riders


Gizwello began his swoop gang as simple means of protection from the thugs on the streets of Nar Shaddaa, but after some time the gang had taken turf known as The Box.

They made contact with Bandin Dobah, pirate baron and smuggled spice into Nar Shaddaa under the nose of the Hutts that controlled it.

A run in with Hakken Thul and Rylon Corsair left his small empire in ruins and half his face reconstructed from bionic parts.

After the spacers escaped Nar Shaddaa, Gizwello and is gang attempted to reclaim their territory. The resulting turf war took a toll on the spice infested neighborhood, nearly putting it in total ruins.

When the spacers returned with the Hutts backing to take the Box, Gizwello and his men attacked. Once again critically injured and clinging to life he could not be saved after his modified bike went critical and exploded in battle.


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