Hakken Thul


Born to the House of Thul, a noble house of Alderaan in the year Chancellor Valorum was re-elected to his final term.

At the age of 3 his father was fingered for involvement in a plot to kill predominate members of the House Panteer and House Organa ahead of upcoming elections. He took his own life before he could be captured. Cleared of all charges, but shamed by the affair, Silara Thul took her son into hiding. In a mistaken attack by the Trade Federation’s battle droids, they were believed dead. Silara returned to the protected walls of the Chosba estate on the planet Manda and lived in hiding with Hakken. Her own family of wealthy merchants bought her privacy and security.

His mother never hid him from who he was or his father. Though she had married into the House of Thul, she was still proud of its history and believed they would one day rule Alderaan. She saw to it that Hakken, being of noble blood, was raised to protect himself though private lessons and training with the family guard.

At the age of 14, Hakken enrolled in the Merchant Academy on Manda. During his first semester the Clone Wars began. Throughout the war Hakken regularly trained aboard the vessels of the Baobab Merchant Fleet.

Hakken graduated at 17 as the Clone Wars ended and the the New Order came to power. For a time he continued on with the Baobab Merchant Fleet as a security official, but the end of hostilities and expanding grip of the Empire made his job uneventful.

20 years old, boredom lured Hakken to leave the Baobab Fleet. Unwilling to return to his mother’s family on Manda and their merchant tradition, Hakken went to Alderaan to find his father’s family. They denied his existence and refused to test his claim. Shamed he signed on with the Fromm Corporation, only to discover their criminal roots later and stayed on, enjoying the thrill.

After a year of service, Hakken was sent to escort a group of Annoo-dat clones to infiltrate a Black Sun databank. The infiltration team was killed and Hakken barely escaped with his life. His bad luck persisted when Boba Fett captured the family leaders and delievered them to Jabba the Hutt. The gang limped along after negotiations with the Hutt left them with little power, and were unable to honor the credits they owed to Hakken.

When 22 years old, Hakken attempted to track down former contacts he’d made while working with the criminal organization, but often came across their bounty notices or the beings offering the bounty first. Acting under false identities he strategically captured those with the highest price and the least usefulness, allowing rumor and intrigue to flush them out, and with that a new career was found.

Six years of bounty hunting saw Hakken buy an HWK-290 called The Talon. He modified her to carry wing tip blaster cannons and a ventral missile launcher, and began running with a pair of Duros brothers, Garr and Brev Nevran.
Then at the age of 28, he met a reckless pilot and sabacc player, named Tilly Ray. She came aboard as pilot and they fell madly in love.Jennifer-Tilley-wins.jpg

The best years of his life ended at 31, while on vacation. Imperial Stormtroopers gunned Tilly down and nearly killed Hakken having mistook the pair for a couple of bank robbers hiding out in the same resort. Hakken was still detained for improper identification for six months before the Nevran brothers were able to break him out.

For the next few years the trio would exclusively take bounties on Imperial personal from the criminal organizations they’d double crossed. Hakken considers joining the rebelllion after its formation, but decided against it, seeking more blood then justice.

During a bounty hunt on Felucia, Hakken and his Duros brothers fell into a trap and faced a new imperial prototype battle droid – The Dark Trooper. The brothers were slashed down, but Hakken managed to escape into the jungles. The growing power of the dark side there influenced Hakken, magnifying his despair and fear. He stole a ship controlled by the criminal organization the Zann Consortium to escape the planet.

The Imperials destroyed all chance of hiding within his family, disolving the Chosba’s fortune on Manda under the accusation of treason and killing nearly all his father’s family with the destruction of Alderaan. Hakken exhausted every credit and contact on the run until finally hiding in the crowds of Nar Shaddaa. He gained work as an enforcer for a low level crime lord, Rusk and avoided his bounty the Imperials had placed on his head through the InterGalactic Banking Clan.

Until a fight outside a sabacc tournament changed everything.

Hakken Thul

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