Pa'lowick infochant and spice den owner


Larisselle Chatrunis was a Pa’lowick female who was crowned Miss Coruscant in a beauty pageant held on the Republic homeworld shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. She was a native of Coruscant’s Jrade District at the time of her crowning. Larisselle toured the galaxy as her music made her famous. Once Emperor Palpatine rose to power and instituted the Galactic Empire, new xenophobic policies cost aliens such as Larisselle their livelihoods.

With what credits she had and her connections she started a popular spice den on Nar Shaddaa, using smuggled spice rather then paying Hutts. Unfortunately, Rusk used this knowledge to blackmail Larrisselle, until events occurred that allowed him to take over the smuggling operation within the community.


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