R2/R4 hybrid model


A relic from the Clone Wars, R4-B3 is a hybrid model astromech assembled by the Jedi Order using the R2 dome and the sturdier R4 body type. He was assigned to Jedi Knight Denth Makeen and flew countless missions during the war.

At the end of the Clone Wars, B3 was fitted with a prototype non denigrating firewall protected memory core and set of special instructions for a mission. B3 was aware of a mission, but no parameters for it.

Unfortunately, Jedi Denth Makeen was shot and killed by his clone trooper detail when they were given Order 66. B3 would latter feign destruction and be left behind by Republic Forces. He began a life in exile, working for various masters over the next 19 years.

As a side effect of his prototype memory core he recalls a large bit of personal history despite the memory wipes imposed on him over the years. He remains dedicated to the ideals of Democracy and standing up for the weak. Recently he has been attracted to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


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