Rylon Corsair


Born on the day of the Ghorman Massacre Rylon Corsair was almost made to hate the Empire. The massacre had showed the galaxy just how truly evil the Empire really was and was looked at as a day of remembrance. Instead of a sober affair it was a celebration of life, it was this reason that Rylon Corsair can recall even his earliest birthdays, with music and dancing after a feast involving many of the other clans of his sleepy home planet.

Though he was too young to remember everything, but he can recall his parents traveling often to “help people” and being left in the care of the other clans. The old timers would tell the younglings stories about the Jedi’s heroics during the Clone Wars and that they didn’t trust the Empire’s story that the Jedi tried to take over the galaxy. By age 5 he had joined his parents on their humanitarian efforts. It seemed to Rylon that their were a lot of people that needed help; always on the move they never returned to their home planet. In time Rylon forgot the name of it and just thought of their ship The Invergordon as their home.

It was on a trip to the devastated planet of Chad that tragedy struck. They had just loaded supplies and begun their their journey when an Imperial cruiser attempted to apprehend the Corsair’s ship. His mother strapped him into the escape pod and sealed the door, moments later the ship was falling back to the surface under heavy fire. Just before impact into a busy spaceport, his escape pod fired and landed not far from the crash site. Rylon made it to the ship to see stormtroopers dragging his parents bodies from the wreckage and unloading the cargo. Why they would come after his parent’s ship, Rylon could not understand and was unable to find out before having to flee, though it would be question hanging over him ever since.

Rylon stowed away aboard an outbound flight and began his life as a spaceport urchin. He always found it easy to seek out his next meal or talk his way out of trouble. He learned how to gamble and how to fly. He got his education from the streets and from listening to the spacers around him as he hopped planet to planet, not staying on one for more then a year and by his mid teens spending more time in space then planetside taking whatever roll needed to be filled aboard the freighter and passenger liner ships in the outer rim.

As he grew up he would hear about the devastation on Chad, how it destroyed their civilization and the survivors had taken to the galaxy as nomads. He would wonder if the aid his parents were delivering would have helped at all or if they’d died on a fool’s errand. Though he didn’t blame the Chadra-Fan. They were just like him, wandering the stars without a home.

Rylon Corsair

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