Star Wars - The Nameless

Debts to Pay - Part 2

While making what was supposed to be a simple pick up from the recent acquisition of the vial gangster Bargos the Hutt, the scoundrels Rylon Corsair and Hakken Thul have discovered an eerily lifeless mining facility. With the help of an outdated administrator droid, 3D-4k, the spacers have found the office of the mine as the alarms begin to blare.

The klaxon is deafening, red flashing light fills the room, and an automated message of a calm female plays.

“Warning! Waring! Storm Barrier Generator Four compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning! Storm Barrier Generator Four is offline.”

3D-4K explains they should be perfectly safe as long as the other barriers hold out. A total of five non functioning barriers would cause catastrophic failure. B3 is called in to work on the computers system. Turning off the alarm and pulling the schematics for the facility first, he fulls up a list of the computers files. As Rylon and Sodoth poor over them, Hakken keeps a watch.
Camera Footage:

  • 3 hours earlier – A freighter setting down on Pad B, a Sullestan exits and meets an EV droid. The pair walk aboard. Camera cuts out.
  • 2 hours earlier – Mine Entrance – Miners enter mine. Camera cuts out.
  • 1 hour earlier – A Trandoshan running through the reception area fleeing blaster fire.
  • 20 min. earlier -A cloud car, operated by spherical exploration droid leaving pad A.

They examine financial records and discover the mine and discover while the facility is losing money, a number of assets have been sold off and cuts have been made leaving the facility with 165k credits on hand as operational capital.

The spacers continue on, leaving behind B3 and 4k. They enter the changing area and find an cylindrical Medtech Medical Assistance Droid idling across the room. Beyond him in the refresher lay two human males piled in the shower, wet. Burns on their abdomens consistent with blaster fire. They approach FX medical droid and it springs to life. In a dull, soothing tone it asks, “Please tell me how I can help?” They interrogate him about the bodies, “What seems to be your problem?”, he replies. Rylon pulls out a restraining bolt and moves toward the droid, “Okay, I’m gunna put this on you.” The droid slowly backs away, “I’m sorry I can not obey your request. Only my approved primary mechanic may provide repairs”. “Well, who’s your primary mechanic?”, Rylon asks as it moves through the doorway into the Cargo Room. B3 calls over the comlink that a short wave radio burst came from that room, he was only able to pick up the end “… may be pirates.”

They get their blasters back up and move into the cargo room. In center of the room they can see the FX med droid but as they enter a small R2 unit rolls at full speed toward them, letting off a scream of binary, “WHAT did he say?!”, Rylon yells over the com, “Nevermind, just call him off!” 4k asks the astromech to calm down and says they are here to help which stops the droid and sends him off to idle nearby. Giving a glance over the cargo bay they spot a Binary Load Lifter Droid and numerous crates bearing the companies logo “Oridelve”. They take the lift to Pad B to instigate the freighter.

A pile of oriidium crates stands near a cheap, utilitarian ship. Not much more then a Hyperdrive class 5 on a container with a cockpit. They head on board to find the Sullestan from the recording dead shot at point blank range next to an empty crate that may have carried blasters. The records have been wiped from the logs, but they find the Sullestan’s permit. While exiting, Sodoth slips on some blood which leads them around the side of the ship to find yet another body, this one slashed across the stomach. The miner holds a laser drill as if its a weapon.

Returning to the cargo bay, the spacers find the FX med driod and R2 unit have left. Another waring sounds over the PA.

“Warning! Waring! Storm Barrier Generator Five compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning! Storm Barrier Generator Five is offline. Storm Barrier Generator Four is offline.”

They move on to the workshop. A foundry for the oridium heats the room. A search turns up seven restraining bolts unsealed in their package, four empty boxes of restraining bolts, a tool to attach the bolts, and a simple scanner unit. Turning on the unit reaveals life form readings coming from a km. into the mine. As they head out toward the mine entrance, they notice puddles around the oil bath. They look over the side into the pool as the body of a young woman floats to the top.

At the mine entrance they find ten droids moving cargo around. An EV droid, six old B1 battle droids, two PK worker droids, and another Binary Load Lifer stack cargo to create makeshift walls. The EV droid turns on them, “Haven’t you taken enough?! Please just go!” The spacers ask for clarification. The droid explains that pirates have infiltrated the mine, brought by the freighter, they killed any miners, but left the droids alone. The spacers call up 4k and ask him to verify, but the droid only knows that droids carry no combat sub-routines and no weapons are allowed onsite. The EV droid explains that 4k is rather antiquated, unable to perform his tasks, which is why he was shut off and awaiting sale. When asked about the surviving miners, the EV droid claims not to know of their whereabouts, but believes its possible they could be at the way station within the mine.

Rylon, Hakken, and Sodoth take a mine cart into the shaft. A sloppy hotwire moves them quickly but burns out the cart. At a small shack between two of the main mine tunnels, the trio find the last of the miners. They explain that they were commed a few hours before that the droids had obtained blasters, gone mad, and began killing everyone. They’ve been trying to figure out what to do. Now with the spacers heavily armed, the miners have confidence they can take the droids, they take another cart back up to the mine entrance, letting it move slow and keeping behind it for cover, they emerge from the shaft to be greeted with blaster fire.

As they begin to return fire, another message sounds over the PA.

“Warning! Waring! Storm Barrier Generator Six compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning! Storm Barrier Generator Six is offline. Storm Barrier Generator Five is offline. Storm Barrier Four is offline.”

Debts to Pay - Part 1

At the insistence of B3 and their own curiosity, Hakken and Rylon head to the coordinates of the weapons cache on the other side of Sleheyron. They find themselves in a warehouse district that spans for a dozen and dozens kilometers dotted with landing platforms and surrounded by Tibanna gas processing facilities. Only light traffic and the occasional droid are seen as they make their way to the warehouse.

They bring along the two binary load lifters they picked up from Dobah, and find 27 crates containing 100 Blaster Pistols, 100 Blaster Carbines, 2 Missile Tubes, and 5 Heavy Repeating Blasters. The crates are electronically locked however and the code is linked to all containers. Three attempts are allowed, after which the contents are destroyed. B3 attempts to open the containers uses one attempt.

Bargos the Hutt’s protocol droid contacts The YT and delivers the coordinates for the oridium mine on Gavos. After taking off from the warehouse and getting out of the areas jammers, the group discovers the crates are broadcasting a signal. Another open attempt is tripped while disabling the broadcast.

While en route to Gavos, Hakken goes to throw the prisoner Alger Sodoth out the airlock. Sodoth pleads for his life and offers to take up Dobah’s piracy operation and work for Hakken and Rylon, all reward, no risk – he does the work and pays up to them. Hakken contemplates this for a moment. “Alright, I’ll agree to it. Despite my better judgement”, Hakken growls and releases Sodoth.

Arriving at Gavos, they find an inhospitable planet with deadly storms and a deadlier atmosphere of ammonia and methane. The mining facility lay in area surrounded by Storm Barrier Generators, which keeps the high winds and caustic clouds from destroying it. A nav beacon directs them to the mine, which is no more then a squat bunker buried in a hillside on one of the planet’s northern highland plateaus. No voice hails them as they touch down on the battered durracrete landing pad. They spot an old treadwell droid rusting to the side and a flickering pressure curtain holding back the poisonous atmosphere. Hakken modifies his painted Clone Trooper helmet with a breath mask, Sodoth and Rylon wear them standard, and as they head toward the facility they doubt they’ll find they 100k credits demanded by Bargos the Hutt as they go to investigate.

A small window to the left of the door shows a scorch mark at chest height. They enter the facility into a reception area, a thin layer of dust covering the room. Finding the reception office torn apart and a blotchy smear of dark liquid stains the carpet beneath the window with what they determine as a blaster scorch, they raise blasters and continue to investigate.

The cafeteria is empty save for the cook droid busying himself in the kitchen. As they look further into the room and find 4 dead miners slumped in their chairs or on the ground. Continuing on they find a recreation room, abandoned with half smoked cigarras and unfinished drinks. They find another body in the refresher as they move room to room investigating the miner’s quarters. They get to what appears to be the mining chief’s quarters and come across the polished chrome form of an administration droid, slumped over and apparently lifeless.

They pry off the restraining bolt and the droid reboots. He introduces himself as 3D-4k, but knows nothing of recent events. He is shocked to hear about the dead miners and the last he can recall is agreeing to meet EV-8D3 to discuss the mine’s other droids. Some have been behaving oddly and showing rebellious tendencies towards their duties. He shows the spacers to the office when an alarm beings to blare over the PA…

Scoundrels of Sleheyron

With prisoners in tow, Hakken Thul and Rylon Corsair head for the Hutt Slave Market world of Sleheyron to meet the vial gangster Thakba Besadii Diori. With the transaction complete and the pirate Bandin Dobah turned over to the Hutt Slave Lord, the two spacers accompany a group of underground scoundrels on Diori’s personal skiff to watch Dobah’s punishment.

Dobah stands in the center of a huge gladiatorial arena, armed only with a combat knife. Around the pit the stands are filled with thousands of cheering spectators. On a floating skiff overhead, Rylon and Hakken watch joined by Diori, Bargos the Hutt, Toolo (Black Sun Vigo), and Daxon Oliver (Hot Shot Smuggler and Gambler).

Dobah’s first opponent is a Barabel warrior. The first fight does not last long, and though Dobah is victorious and the crowd cheers – they cheer for what’s to come. Soon Dobah faces Wookiee gladiator, though unarmed the Wookiee nearly finishes Dobah, but it’s rage gets the better of him and Dobah is able to score a critical hit and fell his oppenent. The final fight could hardly be called a fight. The doors on the opposite side of the arena open revealing a rampaging Gundark. The beast closes the distance and hammers Dobah to the ground and begins to feed on him.

Later, at Diori’s palatial estate, the Hutt inquires about any spice that was found with Dobah as well as the shipment that was meant for Nar Shaddaa. Anxious to fuel his party, he offers 20k for all the spice available. Though Rylon knows that the amount found is worth 20k alone and they are still owed another 10k for delivery of the Nar Shaddaa shipment, they agree to the amount. Diori’s very pleased and promises to use his contacts to remove their bounty posting within Hutt Space.

Rylon and Hakken enter into a high stakes sabbacc game with scoundrels they’ve accompanied. At the end of the night, Rylon loses a thousand credits, Hakken breaks even, and they lose the sabbacc pot, which has been sweetened by an oridium mine offered by Diori, a modified YT-2400 offered by Daxon, turf rights offered by Oebris, pre-clone wars banking clan bonds offered by Bargos, and Alger Sodoth offered by Hakken and Rylon as a slave.

Bargos the Hutt takes the sabbacc pot,though is uninterested in slaves. He instead offers that the spacers go the the oridium mines he’s just acquired to procure a first payment of 100k credits, assured by Diori to be the annual profit and to be there. In turn for doing this, Bargos will talk to his Banking Clan allies to see about reducing the amount of the bounty or removing it from Outer Rim postings.

Back at The YT, while awaiting for the deeds to be transferred before getting underway, B3 becomes extremely excited upon awaking from recharge and tapping into the ships computer. The droid explains that a message, which he has been aware of but unable to access, has been unlocked within his memory core.

The holo projected message shows a twenty something year old blond woman wearing simple robes of brown and white and a grave expression.

“Greetings Master Makeen, If you are viewing this, you’ve obviously made your way to Sleheyron. My apologies for the secretive nature of this message. Master Windu has handed this mission down specifically and asked it be kept off the council records. Recently a group of senators calling themselves the Delegation of 2000 presented a petition to the Supreme Chancellor requesting he give up his emergency powers, but the Chancellor refused. Master Windu and the delegation believe that the Chancellor may not give up his powers at all. That being said the Senator from Kestos Minor has arranged for weapons purchased from the Hutts to kept there in a warehouse in Sleheyron until they can be delievered to the militia of Kestos. Your droid has the coordinates and pass code for the warehouse. Perhaps this will all be for nothing, but all the same, May the force be with you.”

RA warns that the existence of this message makes them targets for the Empire and could be view as Jedi propaganda at best or worse, evidence of being Jedi sympathizers.

Unexpected Arrivals

Rylon, Hakken , and B3 mull over the broken hyper drives of The Vagrant when RA alerts them to an incoming ship.

Rylon runs back the YT, Hakken and B3 to the cockpit of the Vagrant. RA sends the signal to the ship informing them they are docked and within the tunnel, it in turn signals the Vagrant and B3 responds with text message that a business deal is being discussed and to disregard the YT.

The star fighter comes into visually range. The Z-TIE has the wings of TIE fighter and the body of a Z-95 headhunter, this type of ship is colloquially known as an ugly – an amalgamation of salvaged snubfighter parts into a single starfighter. It flies into the cavern and sets itself down on its wings and an extended forword landing foot.

Alger Sodoth, had been providing cover for the sentry droid outside the asteroid. The human smuggler and Dobah’s last man, comes aboard the Vagrant. Hakken goes for the lift, but it closes on him, having already been called down. It opens a moment later empty. Rylon yells over Hakken’s comm link to take the human alive. As Hakken takes the lift down he cuts his comm and runs right into Sodoth. The smuggler has found the bodies of the crew and has his pistol up with a nervous finger on the trigger – he lets a shot off on Hakken critically injuring him leaving him compromised and knocked unconscious with a fearsome wound.

RA slices into The Vagrant’s comm and pa system. Rylon tries various methods to get Sodoth to surrender but Sodoth counters with a prisoner exchange offer. Rylon comms B3 to escape. During an attempt to deceive Sodoth, Rylon spills that more crew are aboard. Sodoth takes B3 hostage as well.

Desperate to resolve things, Rylon takes the YT up and moves into the pressure curtain in attempt get his guns trained on the Vagrant. Sodoth abandons his unconscious and droid prisoners for the Vagrants cockpit weapon system. He fires his one concussion missile but misses the YT and collapses the shorter tunnel out of the asteroid.

B3 calls the lift down to the cargo deck, locks it down, then pushes/drags Hakken out of the Vagrant. A stim pack gets Hakken back on his feet. Beaten, Sodoth pleads to be dropped off on Formos. He surrenders and is thrown into the brig along with Dobah.

Hakken and Rylon decided to leave the ships here for now, behind the pressure curtain and tend to the matters at hand. To protect their hidden treasures, B3 comes up with an idea. The astromech calls in the sentry droid and attaches Daro’s computer, reconfiguring it to broadcast the bio signature of a Space Slug and setting the droid to patrol only within the asteroid tunnels itself, making the asteroid appear to be “occupied”.

On the way to Formos, they contact Gilpeth. The Rodian is pleased to have results so soon and invites them to come to his master’s (Thakba Besadii Diorii) estate on Sleheyron to present their acquisition and collect the bounty.

Back in Formos Rylon hands Godon Netakka over to his sister Zukata. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him, claiming they may have saved his life in more ways then one. With his injured leg, he may not be able to bounty hunt again. Hakken goes to heal himself with a Bacta treatment before they continue on to Sleheyron.

Trouble Brewing - Part 2

Hakken, Rylon, and RA decide not to wait much longer before taking the fight to Daro. In the early morning they arm up and head toward the gang’s safe house. As they move through the streets, people move indoors or watch them pass from inside. The courtyard outside the cantina, alive with action yesterday, is empty. The merchants should be vying for spots to make their days wage… The group stops just shy of exiting the ally. Hakken climbs up to the roof of the building and blaster fire lets loose a few warning shots.

Daro calls for Hakken to climb down saying they got no idea who they’re messing with and that Hakken’s not the only one with high ground. That’s when Hakken notices the large gun barrel sticking out of the high window on the warehouse across the courtyard. Hakken false starts to climb down, opening fire on Daro, who falls back for cover as the rest of his gang let loose. First Spir gets picked off by Rylon. As Daro and Gut-Guro fall back to the safehouse, the heavy blaster rifle lets loose on the courtyard below and across at Hakken. As Hakken takes aim at the shooter through the open window a group of Toughs run from the cantina, blasters in one hand, stun grenades in the other. They run up on Rylon and RA, who dispatch two of them with Hakken’s help and the third makes a run for it… Rylon stuns him in the back. They gather up the Heavy Blaster Rifle before moving on to the safehouse.

Hakken takes position on a rooftop across from the garage door. RA slices the lock and Hakken takes the shot on Gut-Guro dropping him at once. Two blasters come skidding out the door and Daro yells, “Okay… Not worth it”. Rylon moves in, Daro drops his backpack and Rylon cuffs Daro. They see R5-W9 hooked up to a small desktop computer which reads, “Configuration Complete – coordinates compatible.” A search of the bag turns up some credits, meds, and a restraining bolt remover. They interrogate Daro. He tells them that Bandin Dobah does the hijacks and moves product to groups of smugglers to get to the distribution – They know that. He tells them that the coordinates to get to the pirates base have been loaded onto the droid – They figured that. He begs to be let go, citing that he has no bounties out on him, “I’m worthless”. Hakken raises his blaster, “That’s right. You are”. Rylon offers a deathstick to Daro, which he bites between his teeth and sucks it down. Knowing what comes next he looks to Hakken, “Do it”, he says. A single blaster shot makes a crater of Daro’s face. They leave him in cuffs to send a message.

RA removes the restraining bolt from R5. Rylon lets him know that his friend J-3PO has been …broken… but insists they can rebuild him. RA objects and refutes that claim rather bluntly. They gather up all they can and head back to the ship, a small group cheer for their street justice. Zukata rushes out to Rylon. She pleads one last time for him to bring back her brother. Rylon promises he will.

The trip to the asteroid field is a short one. Along the way, B3 accesses a file named PASS on Daro’s computer, as they drop out of hyperspace and R5 indicates the large slowly moving rock as their target. The asteroid is riddled with caverns, Rylon expresses some fear of space slugs, “Just a space legend” Hakken claims, but RA chimes in that space slugs are very real and have made the asteroids tunnels but seemed to have moved on.

B3 sends the code and they sentry droid passes them. Rylon flies the ship into a large entrance the asteroid tunnels, sure to avoid the stringy black ichor left behind by the space slugs that coalesces into dangling sticky stalagmites.

First they come across a wrecked single fighter. They find a rack of new Thalassian binders and hylium grenades. They move further into the asteroid and turn headlong into a cave of mynocks. Hakken is ready on the gun and disperses them. Finally they arrive at the cavern occupied by Bandin Dobah’s ship.

The YV-666 sits parked behind an small pressure curtain. Hakken and Rylon approach cauciously but no one is around except a pair of binary load lifer droids moving cargo pods. They move onboard into the cargo bay, past the escape pods, and toward the common area where three humans and a Rodian are having coffee.
Hakken moves in and opens fire, taking out the three humans with a flurry of auto-fire.

Godon Netakka, goes for his blaster, but Rylon is quick to say that they were sent by his sister. He skeptically asks her name and occupation when Rylon offers that up as well he stops and explains that he’s working with Dobah now as it was him tha pulled him from his wreakage and fixed him up. Hakken asks where Dobah is now, “I’m here”, the Aqualish calls as he enters blaster raised. After a brief stand off he ‘gives up’ and raises his hands and the blaster, when Rylon demands he drop it, Dobah’s first mate clubs Rylon from behind. Dobah takes cover behind Godan. Hakken switches to stun and opens fire on both of them. They are both critically injured and drop, though Dobah stays conscious and continues firing. Rylon takes out the first mate. Ready to just kill him and be done with it, Hakken despairs as he runs out of ammo, so he smashes Dobah’s face and cuffs him.

A search of the ship turns up 20k of spice as well as gear and weapons. Unfortunately the ship’s main hyperdrive is broken…

Trouble Brewing - Part 1

The Dawn’s Dream sets down on Formos and the crew are taken with the stale and parched atmosphere as soon as they step off board the ship. While the droids stay behind, Hakken and Rylon explore the spaceport. They notice the lack of aquatic heritage species and water salesmen throughout the port charging outrageous prices as they look for the cantina.

A glowing neon sign points the way to Rii Jenks cantina and they take a path up a disorderly jumble of hastily constructed dwellings creating a maze of tight alleyways filled with debris, portable trash compactors, personal moisture condensers, and crates line the gangways as they thread between houses and streets. They hear a loud rattle and a low monotonous voice calling out as they pass one partiulcarly dark alley. When they move a few pieces of garbage from the trash compactor they find J-3PO, badly damaged. His head is dented, one of his ocular sensors pulled out and dangling, but worst of all his lower half has been seperated and the wires spill out like intestines and it bleeds hydrolic fluid. He pleds with Hakken and Rylon to find his friend, R5-W9.

As he slowly goes offline, J-3PO explains he and R5 were astrogators for hire and R5 had perfected a Kessel Run that was 14 parsec, not the fastest but fast. J-3PO explains that the pair were attacked about 20 hours ago, he believes the thugs were mostly human and male. He saw them fit a restraining bolt on R5 and drag him away before being thrown into the trash compactor. His eyes dim and voice drops an octave, “Please save my friend…” he begs before going offline. They take his head to attempt to salvage any more data later and continue to the cantina.

Hakken and Rylon find refreshment from the air conditioning and cocktails being served at Rii Jenk’s. To the right of the door a flickering holoscreen displays the rotating head of a tough-looking Aqualish, with scrolling text advertising an Imperial bounty for Badin Dobah. It reads: “The office of Moruth Doole, administaraor of the spice mines of Kessel, is offering up a 10,000 credit reward for teh killing or capture of the Aqualish pirate Bandin Dobah. This dangerous outlaw from justice is guilty of the murder of the Empire’s serurity operatives, destruction of Imperial Property, movement of contraband, black marketerring of narcotics, and acts of criminal conspiracy.”

On stage is Fia Mund, billed as the Sullistan Master of the Kloo Horn. The bartender and namesake of the establishment is a Bith, very keen to keep out of trouble with his clientele. He offers up little info, only that Dobah has preyed on some of his regulars, ambushing them as they exit hyperspace at the asteroid belt further in the system.

Hakken and Rylon take a booth, and not a few moments later Snoo, a Devarionian infochant takes a sit beside Rylon. He introduces himself and offers his services. After some negotiating on the price, they ask where Bandin Dobah is but this doesn’t not know. He does offer up why Dobah has an Imperial Bounty as well as from the Hutts. Apparently the administrator of the spice mines of Kessel has illegal dealings to sell spice to the Hutts, and Dobah has been pillaging their shipments. The two human scoundrels ask Snoo about the droidnapping was done by Dobah, he confesses that he’s not aware but a faster route through the Kessel run would give Dobah an even greater advantage. Finally they ask if theirs been any other attention on the bounty, and are told there has been little attempt on it other then by a Rodian Bounty Hunter several weeks back but never returned. Rylon pays for the info and then drops another double payment on top, “You’re on retainer now”.

An elegantly dressed Rodian walks in the bar, Zukata catches Rylon’s eye and he goes to hit on her. As he makes his way across the bar Daro Blunt, Spir Fraxis, and Gut-Guro walk into the bar and approach Zukata. Rylon tries to butt into their harassment of the Rodian female and is threated by the Weequay Gut-Guro.

Throwing caution to the wind, Rylon draws his blaster and sticks it in Gut-Guro’s back then grabs him for cover. Daro and Spir quickly draw their blasters and Daro fires at Rylon’s head. It critically hits, over powering Rylon to release Gut-Guro, and leaving a scar from the edge of his eye across the top of his ear. Before they can do much more, Hakken stands draws his carbine, and fires off a few shots at Daro. The three run out of the bar.

Zukata helps Rylon back to the booth with Hakken and tells her coverstory about checking map accuracy. The guys see through it and she comes clean telling them the missing Rodian Bounty Hunter that went after Dobah is her brother, Godan Netakka. He went into debt getting gear and jumped planet. She asks for their help in finding him. They agree and walk her back to her hotel.

Along the way, Hakken notices they are being followed by a Toydarian. He runs when he gets spotted and Hakken takes pursuit. Sneaking up on the flying creature as it entered a warehouse. Hakken moves along side the building, climbing as near he can to an high open window. Though he can’t see, he hears the voices from the Cantina talking to the Toydarian.

Daro’s gruff voice speaks first, “I mean, I want to pay them back for that anyhow, but are you sure it’s anything that should be of concern to the Big Man?”
The Toydarian sounds somewhat unctuous. “I couldn’t be sure, but it seems that they are mixed in with things somehow. Thy’re new in town. Been asking questions. Checking the bounty notice. I thought I heard them say something about a missing droid, but I could be wrong. The were getting themselves pretty cozy with the Rodian girl as well, if you know what I mean.”
Daro grunts, “It’s good you came to us, Zalg, here’s a token of appreciation”

Zalg leaves and Hakken continues to listen. Daro then orders everyone in on this and get ready, they’re “going to deal with these trouble makers soon”. Hakken nearly falls from his perch and alerts the gang. Hakken makes a run back to Rylon who’s dropped the girl off with no incident.

Hakken explains what he heard as Rylon goes for a bacta treatment on his head, the wound is treated but the scar is left behind.

When they arrive back at the ship, Snoo calls them and tells them to check the Imperial Bounty notice again… it now displays Hakken Thul’s updated to show the last know ship he was traveling on along with the accomplice Rylon Corsair.

A short stop for the Dawn's Dream (Part 2)

The first of the crews maintenance experts shows up, a Corellian Weapons Expert named Haal Lorien. He enters with a bottle of Corellian Brandy calling for Royal. He’s surprised to see Hakken and Rylon having encountering them serparatly before. They tell Haal of Royal and Taski’s deaths and catch him up on what went down on Nar Shadda and picking up where Royal left off. Haal says he’ll do any work for half the price, as long as they take down the ones responsible for his friends deaths. They drink to their memories. They decide on installing a forward facing concussion missile launcher and Haal includes 6 concussion missiles with the installation.

Cid Siln, a Rodian mechanic that does not speak basic (though understands it) interacts with by RA. When Rylon attempts to bargain the price down further the Rodian nearly walks, but RA smooths things over and he agrees to install carbon durasteel armor, reinforce the shield generator on the aft side, and install a high output ion turbine on the stipulation that the Human be kept away from him.

A short stop for the Dawn's Dream (Part 1)

The Dawn’s Dream has docked at Hosko Station. R4-B3 and begun the repairs that need to be made. The search of the ship has turned up little other then some traces of fur on one of the bunks. The ships log was equally of little use, most of the logs having been scrubbed.

Before heading out into the station with Hakken Thul and Rylon Corsair, RA-7 disguises himself with a nonfunctional restraining bolt.

The humans, having been here before, head to the Quasar Bar to see if they can turn up some information or a job. The Balosar bartender, Zim Telos attempts to sell death sticks along with the drinks, but when Hakken and Rylon refuse he suggest they mingle with the other guests. A scan of the room shows a range of alien agricultural workers from Hosko or merchants, though two notable aliens stick out, a nervous out of place Rodian and a provocatively dressed Farghul female with two Duros.

She gets Hakkens attention, dismisses the Duros, and becons Hakken over. With flirtatious banter, the Farghul begins to inquire about Hakken’s whereabouts during the Clone Wars, if he remembers the old Holos of the Jedi, if he’s good enough to take one on… She reveals her name is Breela, leader of Crimson Nova faction of The Bounty Hunters Guild. Hakken asks what the “acquisition” is, but Breela has none to speak of right now, but she’ll be in touch.

As Hakken and Breela speak, RA picks up the audio from across the room, isolates the 2 voices, and plays the conversation from his vocabulator. After Hakken returns, RA-7 tells of an area in the unlit corner which is emitting a humanoid sized mass of ultraviolet light, suggesting a Defel. Hakken approaches warily and prods the darkened chair and reveals a passed out aged Defel reeking of alcohol. RA is amused with his by his prank. Hakken is not.

Next the three of them approach, the nervous looking Rodian. After charming him a bit and and getting a rather strong drink from the waitress droid into him, the Rodian looses up, introduces himself as Gilpeth and reveals he works for a Hutt clan and is here to be meeting the crew of the Dawn’s Dream to arrange a bounty on Bandin Dobah, aqualish pirate baron, and spice smuggling job into Nar Shaddaa. The job pays 10K on delivery and the smuggling pays 20K (10K upfront). Hakken and Rylon lie about being the contacted crew, but make it believable as they now are the crew of the Dawn’s Dream. The contracts are signed via datapad and Gilpeth, having taken a great liking to being drunk and his new human friends suggest they visit the casino. At the casino, Rylon attempts a game of chance cube, but looses. Gilpeth recklessly gambles hundreds of credits, but wins 300, pays Rylon what he lost and passes out at the tables. The droid dealer begins complaining that the Rodian is too drunk to be admitted to the establishment, so Hakken and Rylon carry him back to the Dawn’s Dream…

R4-B3 informs them the repairs will take 3 days and cost 9k credits. He also reveals a datapad found in engineering. A personal log explaining the crew of the Dawn’s Dream had taken on two bounty hunters, a Wookie named Kaakrarha and Phindian named Vek, and planned on taking up the bounty on Bandin Dobah using their contract to smuggle under him to get close. They would fly to Formos and acquire him there then take a position within the Hutt’s organization. Hakken and Rylon realize they left those two behind somewhere on Nar Shaddaa.

RA gets to work on tracking down mechanics that can undertake some upgrades and introduces Rylon to Rodian Holodramas. Later Jan Ors contacts Hakken and thanks him for his help, they made out of Nar Shaddaa only to be picked up by Jabba the Hutt’s men, revealing himself as one of private investors in the Dark Trooper program. She informs him that their next mission will be infiltrating the Imperial City, the very vaults of the Imperial Security Operations building. She invites him along, saying, “We could use another diversion.” Hakken informs her he’s putting his ship back together, which she understands. She believes he could be a great help to the Alliance and transmits encrypted codes for meeting up with members across several different worlds.

B3 calls for them to double the efforts on repairs and go to aid the Rebellion.
RA brings attention to the fact that they’ve already made deals for 2 contracts and as of now the Rebellion only owes a “favor”, but has promised no credits.

Gilpeth awakens hung over and thanks the humans and offers his comlink frequency. He makes arrangement for the spice shipment to be delivered.

Rylon's little debt has become big trouble

A check of the sensors shows that 3 Z-95 headhunters and a Skipray Blastboat are in hot pursuit. The Headhunters take formation in front of the Blastboat as the comm channel chirps. Rylon anxiously answers to find Gizwello, leader of the Dianoga Riders, now with a half bionic face. He sneers at Rylon and threatens to blast them out of space.

Gizzwello small

As soon as the Headhunters are within range, Hakken and RA-7-MTD open fire. Though RA has some programing as a gunner, it’s Hakken that makes the best strikes. RA moves to the cockpit to aid in the comm systems, B3 tries his best to keep the ship together, and Rylon keeps her moving as the backup hyperdrive comes online.

Hakken critically damages one Headhunters sensors and it’s forced to fall back. Next he critically knocks another Headhunter off course and it loses pace in the chase. The Blastboat moves into position and fires a volley of laser blasts and a concussion missile before being knocked off course itself. The last Headhunter breaks the chase as the hyperdrive comes online and spits out coordinates along the Pabol Hutta hyperspace route to Hosko station.

Hakken's Secret Revealed

As Rylon and Hakken argue over the level of danger they’re in, Hakken is contacted by Jan Ors , Alliance operative. She makes a plea for help, having come across his name in several Imperial documents she’s recovered regarding her current mission. Her partner has a rather large bounty out on him but Hakken has a sizable one on him as well. She asks that he expose himself and maybe draw some of the attention away.

Rylon sets to the streets to gather up gamblers for a impromptu sabacc tournament.

Hakken gets comm call after call from Rusk asking him to come in, but Hakken ducks him, and buys 4 frag grenades from Wuckem. He visits Larisselle and sells her the sabacc den, for a profit for once.

When Hakken finally goes into Rusk, he finds a full lobby at the office and Rusk pleased. Lariselle has turned over the sabacc den to him. Then Rusk tips his hand and asks how he plans on making the credits to stave off his bounty. Hakken makes a run for it and gets to the lobby. He drops his bag of frag grenades he had stashed under his arm, taking out 3 of Rusk’s men immediately and sealing the door to Rusk’s office trapping him inside. Hakken tries to make it to the door but finds it locked. He draws and fires on another that took cover beside the couch and continues the fire fight with the final three who’ve taken cover behind overturned Dejarik board. Though several serious hits are scored on him, Hakken is sure to finish off the rest before leaving, but leaves Rusk locked in his office.

Outside, word has spread about the sabacc tournament. A crowd begins to gather around the sabacc den which provides perfect cover to keep Rusk’s men slowed down from coming to his aid. Hakken calls Rylon and the droids and tells them to get to the Dawn’s Dream. They fight off the few guards left and have the engines coming up on a cold start, just as the droids make it onboard.

R4-B3 breaks the code to release the docking clamps, just as Hakken finds the crew dead in engineering. A brief flash of a Defel is seen as the primary hyperdrive blows. Rylon takes her out of the docking bay and one of the escape pods fires ejecting over “The Box”

They make it beyond orbit and assess repairs when the sensors pick up incoming fighters…


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