Main Page


The YT
The Dawn’s Dream/Gravity’s Shadow
Scoundrels Luck/Crazy Tom
Transport 427

Hutt Space
- Nar Shaddaa
The Box

- Hosko
Hosko Station

- Sleheyron
— Slave Market / Gladiator Arena

- Gavos
— Oridium Mining Facility

Kessel sector
—Formos Spaceport
—Formos Asteroid Field
Asteroid Base

Kwymar Sector
-Kestos Minor

Corva Sector
-Imperial Base “The Hammer”
-Rebels “Titan Base”


- Jan Ors
- Bandit Squad

- Moruth Doole
- Obran Cass

Black Sun
- Rusk
- Toolo

Hutt Clans
- Thakba Besadii Diori
- Bargos the Hutt

Bounty Hunters / Guilds
- Breela / Crimson Nova (specialized in Jedi)

-Bandin Dobah
- Dianoga Riders
-Daro’s Gang on Formos
-Captain Royal/The Dawn’s Dream

New Droids Rights Movement
-FX Medical Droid
-R2 Unit
-MSE-6 Mouse Droid

Group Assets


- The YT
- The Vagrant

- 2 Binary Load Lifer Droids

Alger Sodoth – Pirate Cohort running operations from the Formos Asteroid base
Gilpeth – Low Key Contact to Diori the Hutt
Larisselle – Infochant / Spice Den owner on Nar Shadda
Snoo – Infochant on Formos in the Kessel Sector

Main Page

Star Wars - The Nameless TreyBayles

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