Star Wars - The Nameless

Showdown on Rodia

New ally Johan Cross has delayed the start of the Rebel’s mission for Onderon to give time for the spacers of The Nameless to finish their personal mission to stop the Black Sun operative known as Rusk. The crew have barely 48 hours to make it to Rodia, find and stop the criminal once and for all, and return before the Alliance gets underway.

While flying into the Rodian atmosphere all scans are jammed, but the crew has the location of Rodian hunting lodge Rusk turned over to them while bargaining for his life on Nar Shaddaa. From a far they recon the site. The enclosed dome pokes out of the thick Rodian jungle and the crew sees that it is not abandoned like Rusk claimed. It houses a yacht and a Firespray. They fake a forced landing with needed repairs.

Godan speaks for them over the comm in Rodian and negotiates for a use of a landing pad. After setting down, Rylon remains ready to take the Nameless back up at a moments notice. Godan heads out of the ship to speak to occupants allowing Hakken to use his new optical cammo to slip out unnoticed.

On the pad a human calls out “Ten minutes till hunt!”. Hakken slips in behind him into the dome and then into the lodge inside but finds his armor’s cammo knocked out by some electronic countermeasures. He safely hides in the shadows before being seen. He continues to follow the human to find Rusk in an office though stays hidden. Rusk knows someone has breached his hideout from a reading on his computers. He orders the human to take his men to hunt down the Rodian that’s just landed and calls out to darkness for the intruder to reveal themselves.

Hakken reveals himself by firing on Rusk and the human. He drops the human and maims Rusk. Rusk pleads for his life, promising a position in Black Sun, meetings with Vigos, info from the vast information vaults using Rusks own personal codes indicating the chip on his lapel. Hakken approaches Rusk dropping his gun and letting it hang by it sling, reaches up with one hand to tug the chip off and with the other stabbing Rusk in the neck with his combat knife.

At that moment an Aqualish hunter opens the door to the office. Rusk drops to the ground and Hakken spins around. Startled by the gruesome site, the Aqualish fires at Hakken but is dropped quickly by Hakkens return fire.

Meanwhile, Rylon and crew start up the Nameless on Hakken’s orders. They fire at the other ships with their ion cannon knocking out both the waiting yacht and Firespray. Then fire a missile at the dome, knocking a hole in it leaving it vulnerable to the jungle’s dangers.

Hakken fires wildly at the hunters waiting around who flee in terror, allowing Hakken and Godan to make it back to the ship. The Nameless lifts off just as two TIEs and an Imperial patrol boat approach. Hakken mans the turrent and knocks the patrol boat into a spin and Rylon outflys the TIEs making it to orbit.

Godan reveals what he learned as Hakken was engaged with Rusk. Apparently the hunting lodge was illegal, hince the Imperial force, and the men there were rich. They sadly just lost what could have been a fortune.

Reporting back to the Fleet

Armed with knowledge of Rusk’s whereabouts the spacers of The Nameless leave Tattooine, naming Neza, their Weequay copilot in charge of The Haven Estate while away. They return to the Alliance to update command on the recent defeat at Khuiumin and resupply for the treacherous jungles of Rodia

Hakken and Rylon report back to Commander Elemack about the Battle of Khuiumin. Disappointed in the failure and of the damage to a precious resource such as the X-Wing, but happy the two had survived. He recommends they settle in and he’d meet with them in the mess hall regarding their involvement in an upcoming mission.

Upon returning to “The Nameless” they catch Meka making a secret recording. Leary of spies and still unsure of her past they confiscate the recording. She is cooperative and suggests Rylon find a quiet place to listen to it.

As Rylon and Hakken head to the mess hall, Hakken sees someone following them cloaked and keeping their distance. They split off and Hakken heads into some tight corridors in the bases coolant access. Using the steam as cover he readies his blaster rifle. The figure calls out, “I’m not a threat, got my hands up here” He walks out, hood down revealing a middle aged human with short white hair. He reveals his name is Johan Cross. “I’m in the Alliance’s Intelligence Division and I know all about you Hakken Thul… I want you to join us.” He tells Hakken he defected to the Alliance after the destruction of Allderran and knew of Hakken’s Imperial killing phase while still an Agent of the Empire. Hakken agrees to the new placment within the Intelligence Division provided it comes with some new gear.

Meanwhile Rylon meets with Commander Elemack and is told of a mission to the jungle moon Onderon to take a Imperial listening post. Rylon sees the opportunity to get the flamethrowers for his crews personal mission to take down Rusk on Rodia. The commander will see if his field commanders feel if its necessary.

Rylon finds a quite place in the Officers Club and sits down to listen to the recording. Its a long log Meka has made since stowing away. She retells Rylon’s exploits worrying over his connection to Hakken but praising the good nature at his core. In one brief moment she says he’s much like his parents.

Over drinks, Hakken and Cross talk of the upcoming mission to Onderon as well, but Cross fills in the details that he wants an Imperial Moff captured for interrogation. He also hands over the new gear. A heavy blaster rifle with under barrel flamethrower, telescopic optical site, and a weapons sling along with new laminate armor with enhanced optics and optical cammo.

Later, Rylon confronts Meka over the recording asking how she knew his parents. Rylon is floored when she tells her story. She knew them when they were still in the Jedi order, they left for their love for one another and Meka was assigned to watch over them, making sure they did not abuse the Jedi teachings. Rylon is outraged the were being spied on, but Meka explains that it was not secret and that they were good friends of hers, she even watched over Rylon from time to time when he was still a baby. She confesses that it was for her that they were going on the mission to Chad when the disaster stuck the planet. She reveals that there are other Jedi out there, some that survived the Empires purge but others like his parents that left the order during the clone wars or even before. She goes on to suggust that Rylon may be touched by the force as well and that she and others she knows could train him. Rylon refuses her offer.

Safe Haven on the Dune Sea

Having escaped the disastrous Battle of Khuiumin, the spacers flee to Tatooine to hide out in a recently acquired estate on the desert world. Though the Imperial presence has grown in the last year, true controls still rests with Jabba’s hands.

The Nameless and battered X-Wing fighter fly over Beggars Canyon and Mos Espa before coming to the estate. The pour-stone structure is large and square with a domed roof made of transparasteel with two pits dug out in front of it, one with landing pads and the other with an array of vaperators. Four heavy laser canons rest on pillars around the complex.

As the spacers approach the blasters are firing on a group of fleeing Tusken Raiders, the make for a landing when the blasters turn upward toward them. A female droid voice crackles over the comms, “This is a private residence! Trespassing will not be tolerated!” Quickly Hakken responds to the threat, “OH yeah!? Well I’m the owner!”. After code transmission of proof of ownership the crafts are allowed to land.

In the arid desert heat the rouges are greeted by a scraggly Agromech droid with chew and scratches around is chassis and a three large claw marks along its face. With a few curt bleeps the droid begins to hook up refueling hoses. As they get their bearings, a BD3000 Luxury Droid emerges. "Welcome to the Haven, masters. I am “Bettie” and this is AG8." As she gives them tour of the estate she tells of its history.

“Built by a wealthy senator from the core worlds, the estate was originally used to host dealings far away from the republics eye. I was sent sometime later after the senator’s wife became jealous of my presence. After the senator left his office, he began to spend more time here. He built the contained ecosystem and began keeping animals for sport. That’s when AG8 was acquired to maintain the agricultural needs of Haven.

After the senator bottomed out, the estate was sold. Over the years we’ve been traded like sabacc chips between wealthy merchants, gangsters, and holostars. Most never staying here more then a few weeks if coming at all. Over the years we’ve stockpiled water mostly used in the ecosystem, which boasts the only waterfall on Tatooine, but also for trading with Jawas. Sadly the animals have mostly passed away over the years, except the hawk bats. There is an underground garage which stores a land speeder and T-16 skyhopper. The estate can comfortable sleep 20 at its present configuration." Rylon suggests turning the new properties into resort hotels.

The last owner Bettie recalls is a human trader. The spacers are wary of visiting nearby Mos Espa, so Bettie contacts the Jawa traders, who happen to be close by. They trade for a group of droids for the estate. The new droids they picked up include a M-HYD dowsing droid to work the vaporators; Tredwell, R4, and R5 droids for general labor; a scrubber droid to maintain the landing pad; a mine laying droid and a Marksmen-H remote droid for use off planet.

As the go about their business, Gia comes to the spacers and swears allegiance to them. Promising to serve them as long as necessary to pay back her debt from their rescue, provided they return her home to Dathomir once it has been repaid.

B3 comes in later, frantic, and plays back a message from Bettie to Rusk. Hakken moves immediately to the control room, disabling Bettie and removing her droid brain. B3 looks the programming over and finds deep rooted spy programming. As the astromech configures Bettie’s body to be operational with commands so they can continue to fool Rusk over the comm system, AG8 wheels around the corner. Hakken quickly draws and fires destroying the droid with one hit before it could even protest. It isn’t long before a ship is picked up on the scanners.

Rylon and crew strap into the Nameless and wait, engines primed. The ship nears and sends authorization codes to shut down the turrets, but B3 overrides them and intercepts transmissions from the ship to Rusk, tracking it back to Rodia, home of the Rodians.

As the unknown freighter moves to land, the turrets open fire on it and the Nameless takes off in pursuit as it flees. Rylon contacts the would-be bounty hunters, who turn out to be the very same they let loose on Nar Shaddaa after defeating Rusk. Kaakrarah and Vek were the bounty hunters on the Dawn’s Dream and that the spacers accidentally stranded when Rylon and Hakken first took they ship.

The bounty hunters attempt to loose the Nameless in Beggar’s Canyon, but with some fancy flying, Rylon out maneuvers them causing their ship to crash along the canyon walls and explode.

Taking the land speeder to the crash site to search for salvage to repair the damaged X-Wing. Hakken tracks a blood trail and prints, though the stench of burnt Wookiee hair is enough to lead him to crash’s only survivor. As the day ends Hakken blasts the dying Wookiee. His gun runs out of ammo. With the creature still alive and snarling Hakken draws his combat knife and sinks it into the wounded creature.

Hakken walks back slowly toward the canyon, twin suns setting behind him.

Battle of Khuiumin

On the heels of a successful rescue mission flown with the Rouge Squadron and elite Commandos of the Rebellion, Major Hakken Thul and Lt. Commander Rylon Corsair fly out to represent the Rebellion in defense of the free system Khuiumin. They Ettyrmin Battiv pirates have long held the system and have decided to make a stand against the two Star Destroyers in route to quell their insurrection. The Alliance believes an Imperial defeat may inspire other systems, but the lacks the resources (and trust) to support it fully, and allowed only the use of one X-Wing.

The pirate fleet consists of over a 170 ships, nearly 30 Corvettes, 50 converted yachts and civilian ships, 2 dozen cargo ships, and 70 starfighters. The craft take a blockade position around the planet waiting ready for the Imperials to come.

Rylon flies The Nameless along with Neza, his Weequay copilot, Godon, Rodian Gunner, Meka, the Chadra-Fan mechanic, and they latest edition to the crew, Gia, the Dathomiri Slave rescued from the Imperial base with the pirates. They’ve taught her how to work the guns and her own natural instincts serve her well, but she’s by no means an expert.

Hakken, being that he’s piloting a unique class ship, has been given command of a whole Squadron. He’s named them Dagger Squad, and they wait deployed at the front lines of the blockade.

Two Imperial Star Destroyers drop out of hyperspace, The Bombard and Crusader. Both craft launch TIE L/N fighters which take formation around and escorting The Bombard as the craft plunges into the blockade. Meanwhile The Crusader hangs back and remains outlining from the battle.

Rylon immediately sees an opening in their strategy and begins to call out for a squad to follow him to engage The Crusader while it remains undefended from fighters, but is cut off by the command vessel, who orders all to remain in formation while fighter squads engage the TIEs to draw them away from the Destroyer.

Within moments Dagger squad is in the thick of it and being undisciplined, quickly breaks formation. TIES swarm Hakken, before he’s able to make a shot B3 is knocked off line. Hakken takes out first wave, but move strafe by causing increasing more and more damage. Hakken is in deep.

The blockade opens fire and begins doing heavy damage to The Bombard. Rylon responds to Hakken’s distress call, dodging cannon fire, and clears off a group of TIEs before they can land the final blow on the X-Wing. With a bold move he swoops back and fires missiles on the port shield generator, successfully destroying it.

The battle begins to turn when The Bombard successfully removes key weapons from the Corvette Cruisers and pulls ten of the craft around it with Tractor beams resulting in a shield. The Pirate command orders the blockade to hold fire and fighters to take out…. STATIC…. The Imperials are jamming communication.

The Nameless and Dagger One regain comms and B3 comes back online, though needing a little overhaul. As uncoordinated attempts are made by fighters to take out destroyers tractor beams, the spacers pick up signals of small fighters deploying from The Bombard. With a visual scan they spot Zero G stormtroopers braving the void of space to invade the captured Corvettes.

As The Nameless moves to engage The Crusader, Dagger one attempts to fire on The Bombards bridge from behind, but has little luck with the starboard shields still active. Fighters come in to attack Hakken and Rylon returns to his aid.

Shuttles launch to the Corvettes that seem to have shaken the tractor beams. As the Corvettes move the wrong way through the blockade they open fire on the pirate fleet around them. They’ve been captured and are being used against the still comm jammed pirates. The blockade crumbles into chaos in all directions.

The spacers watch as fleeing pirates get shredded by the ready guns of the outlying destroyer, the ones making a stand fall to the pirates captured Corvettes and the lead destroyer. And still others flee to the planet below.

Quickly Rylon and Hakken agree to retreat to Tatooine. After a harrowing chase, dodging cannon fire and incoming TIE fighters, the two ships make for hyperspace.

Rescue on Kessle

RETURNED TO SERVE THE REBEL ALLIANCE. Rylon Corsair rendezvous with the Rouge Squadron and an elite commando team led by Crix Madine to rescue prisoners from the Imperial prison colony in the Spice Mines of Kessle. The spacers settle in for mission briefing.

Aboard a command ship, Rylon Corsair, Hakken Thul, and R4-B3 sit with a squad of 20 soldiers and seven pilots of the Rouge Squadron including Commanders Luke Skywalker and Wegde Antillies – Heroes of the Battle of Yavin. Crix Madine, a recently defected Imperial Officer, stands in front of those assembled, a holographic projection of Kessle, the oddly oblong shaped mining planet, spins behind him.

“Kessle, As we all know the Empire uses this planet as a forced labor prison, inmates include pirates, gangsters, and criminal psychopaths as well as prisoners of war. Based on Commander Antillies’ intel gathered while incarcerated, we believe to have located a facilities dedicated only to higher level political prisoners. The mission will be to assault these facilities and rescue those being held there. Rouge Squadron will fly escort to a captured Sentinal Class Lander. While the Rouges knock out the main power generator we’ll move through a series of canyons staying off sensors and come out through the back. The Imperials wont fire on an Imperial ship without code rejection or hostile action at least for a moment – with this advantage we’ll drop and deploy. At this point the Rogues will rejoin taking the attention off us and eliminating the immediate threats while teams move to their sites. Red Team will take prison complex. Yellow Team mines. Black Team will infiltrate the interrogation complex. Individual mission parameters will be given in route. Dismissed!”

Madine approches the spacers, “Lt. Corsair. Mr Thul – a moment? I’d like to thank you for offering your private base in Formos as a fall back position.”, he moves in close and lowers his voice. “I have a separate mission for you that is better given in private. There is an interrogator at this facility. A Doctor Jirah, whose methods of extracting information are only whispered within in Imperial Intelligence. I have personally seen evidence to his horrors and based on this Alliance high command has given an execute order for his crimes against the galaxy. We’d like you to see to this order.” Rylon agrees and Hakken nods, “My usual fee applies”. Madine turns to Rylon, “Lt. Corsair, would you care to pilot the sentinel into this mission, I hear your skills with bulky craft are commendable.” Rylon sultes, “Thank you, sir, I’d be honored.

Later, after a jump to hyperspace to Kessle, the sentinel class and x-wing squadrons sneak past planetary defense and into Kessle’s poison atmosphere. After the Rouges move off to take down the shield generator, Rylon maneuvers through the final stretch of canyon before reaching the complex.

Rylon impressively makes his way through some sharp turns and makes a narrow fit to another sharp turn, only scraping the sides of the canyon wall a bit before making it to to the prison complex. Using the temporary moment of confusion as they approach, comms jammed, Rylon flies between two Blaster Turret towers and sets the craft down on the central landing tower. The commandos deploy immediately, Rylon and Hakken a step behind Black Squadron, they catch up as slicers override the lift down to the interrogation facility.

Before moving down the long tunnel to the facility, R4-B3 takes out the cameras and security system ahead of them, but unfortunately knocks out the lights. Stormtroopers have noticed the malfunction and start to explore it when the team arrives at the processing desk. Hakken takes aim from the darkness and fires, killing the first trooper, but another four move out and fire back into the tunnel. One commando is knocked down, but not out. They finish the fight and B3 moves to the desk to access any information he can. He manages to pull up recent prisoner interrogations before the desk is locked out. He beeps and whistles, Rylon understands him, “Who? Who’s here?”, he asks. The read out from the computer reads “Senator Ivor Drake of Kestos Minor and she’s being interrogated now!”

Black Squad spilits its forces east and west. After a blaster fight with another 9 stormtroopers and their Sargent, the spacers free the prisoners from the east wing and proceed further into the complex. Another two squads of troops, a Sargent, and then a Phase II Dark Trooper later the spacers open the door on an Imperial Officer expecting the Dark Trooper, as he tries to surrender Hakken blasts him.

Moving to the next room with a ready squad of Stormtroopers, the spacers see a window into the interrogation room, the elderly Ivor Drake strapped down, a hovering IT-O droid hovering next to her and a doctor that stands over her, his lips sneer and small black eyes shine as he stars back. The window fades to wall and the troopers open fire. Making short work of them and expecting no more resistance, the spacers are caught off guard when the doors open to another Dark Trooper, they dodge the incoming missile and manage to take down the killer droid.

As they round the corner to the interrogation room the IT-O droid comes at them, taking it out with one shot and hardly breaking stride they hear a blaster fire from within. Inside they find Doctor Jirah dropping a blaster and raising his hands. Ivor Drake is still strapped to the table with a smoking hole in her stomach. She moans in pain, clinging to life.

Doctor Jirah laughs and begins making a deal, his life for hers. Only he can save her life now, but he will only do so if they let him live. The spacers hesitate. Over the comm, Madine announces they have incoming fighters and to finish their objectives.

You must choose.. my life or the woman’s, but you don’t…” Hakken blasts him. Rylon moves in with stem packs and med kits, but Ivor Drake can not be saved. He tries to comfort her, “We have the Jedi’s droid. The one you were to meet 20 years ago.” Her eyes go wide, “The Jedi is here, He made it?”. Rylon shakes his head, “No, we don’t know where he is, but we have his droid. We got your last message from Mesha Vendock, but can’t break the pass code to view it”. With her last breath she says, “The code is – Tresalore

Black Squad and the surviving prisoners make it back to the Sentinel Lander. Red Team has lost a few members and Yellow team lost even more. As they try to make it off the landing pad, a squad of TIEs catches them offguard. The Rouges fly in a take it out. They make atmosphere and Commander Skywalker addresses the squad, “Good work, Rouges. General Madine, we’ll buy your boys a round when we get back to the fleet.” Madine leans into the comm next to Rylon, “You’re on, Commander Skywalker, Good Luck!

They make hyperspace only to drop out a short time later, damaged in the escape. With only the backup drive available they take refuge in the nearest position, the Formos asteroid base.

After a long trip to the Formos system and through the tunnels of their secret base, Rylon comes across signals, someones inside. They come up on the craft behind the pressure curtain, A Ghartoc light frighter, recognized as belonging to the Eyttyrmin Batiiv Pirates they freed from the Imperials and had planned to meet before their bases location was compromised.

The Batiivs have been waiting a while and now have to return to Khuiumin to make a stand against two incoming Star Destroyers. They strike a deal with the Rebels, they happen to have the parts needed for the hyperdrive repairs and will hand them over if the Alliance will aid in their cause. Seeing as they owe the Alliance for rescuing them in first place, they agree to the allowance of an X-Wing fighter and the spacers help in the fight. The pirates depart for home and the rebels return to the fleet.

On the return trip, Madine makes a deal with Hakken to join the Rebellion. For their part they are given battlefield accommodations; Hakken to Major and Rylon to Lieutenant Commander.

Taking Back The Box

THE BATTLE PLAN IS SET! The Hutts provide a transponder card from a captured delivery vessel so the YT can sneak past defenses at THE BOX and get the jump on Rusk. While gun boats of Gammorian and Klatooninian soliders wait outside the immediate area ready to strike, the YT descends into the neighborhood market place to see it has fallen into chaos.

At the landing bay six of Rusks minions mill about, while the old Besalisk shockboxer Bruiser seems to be waiting for the occupants to disembark. Hakken sends Godon Netakka to the ion cannon. As the ramp lowers, he opens fire on the control room, knocking out the first minion. Hakken runs down and engages the others nearby letting loose a spray of automatic fire. Rylon comes down next opening up on a confused “Bruiser”, the human landing party run out and finish him off. The torrent continues to fire, shorting itself out for a moment, but causing a massive explotion as it overloads a power terminal. The last man flees and the landing party take after him, cornering him in the warehouse, as Hakken, Rylon, and B3 head after Rusk.

Armed with a missile tube, Hakken fires at the door of Rusks office, blowing a smoking hole in the front office and taking out his two posted guards. The streets are eearly quite for so much destruciton, when out of the traffic tunnels comes Gizwello on his swoop bike. Hakken dodges but Rylon is hit by his blaster fire and B3 is hit by the swoop, sending him spinning, but unharmed. Another pack of Dianoga Riders come from around the corner and open fire. Gizwello stops his swoop in the street and takes cover to fire. The blaster fight does not last too long. Hakken finishs off Gizwello. After the other swoop bikers take cover behind his swoop and take drop Rylon, the modified battery goes critical and explodes.

As the spacer regroup and report to the Hutts, a small orb comes hovering from Rusk’s office.

Stranded in Space

A CALL TO BATTLE! Bargos and Diori have their forces ready to take back “The Box” from Rusk and his Black Sun Connections. The spacers of the nameless YT and The Vagrant get ready to leave for Nar Shaadda with their new crews to rendezvous with the Hutts.

The common area of the old YT is crowded. More crew then the spacers have ever had onboard wait talking loudly to one another, the commotion punctuated by the sounds of drilling and banging coming from the cargo bay. R4-B3 working on some special project.

The three humans that make up the landing party, Ralla, Kaylak, and Vin, shoulder in at the holoboard arguing whether or not the game has been tampered with. The mercs aren’t that smart, having been brought up in streets of Formos, but they respect Hakken and Rylon for taking care of Daro’s gang.

The dedicated flight crew that was recruited consists of three aliens. They lean against the wall or sit looking over datapads. Gus is a Goatal communications engineer, he’s good natured and friendly. Ori is a grumpy Talz mechanic. Neza is a weathered Weequay pilot, who won’t talk about her past.

And lastly the two Rodian siblings, Zukata and Godon Netakka stand to the side talking in their musical native language. After Godon was dropped back off at Formos, he refused to return home disgraced and in turn Zukata refused to return home without him. For the last month they’ve lived off what would have been the credits for the transport home. Godon’s injuries never healed properly and left him with a slight limp, but he has extensive gunnery training and can pilot in a pinch. Zukata is smart, pretty, and strong willed, raised with a good education. She could just as easily infiltrate an alien friendly establishment with her charms as running a legitimate enterprise.

Hakken and Rylon enter to see the whole group assembled for the first time. Rylon defers mission perameters to Hakken, who shares very little before getting the crews underway. B3 is revealed to be working on attaching blasters to the Binary Load Lifters…. The banging is a glitch in the wiring, causing the lifters arm to spasm and slam against the wall.

Later, half way through the journey, the hyperdrive sputters out and the nameless YT is dropped back into real space. B3 and Ori attempt to locate the problem, and come across sabotage. Most everyone assembles in the main cargo hold, for hours the mechanics work on the drive. Ori fetches some tools from the secondary hold and begins to return when his howls are heard echoing through the ship. He’s found dead, slashed across the back, in a puddle of his own blood.

The whole crew is assembled in the main hold, as they make their way, Gus goes missing for a moment and is found in the same way as Ori. His heavy coat offering a clue. Three distinct slashes, claw-like, tip the spacers toward thinking it could be the defel assassin. Then the lights go out.

The load lifter is sent ahead to scout and makes it to engineering before going offline. The whole crew moves to intercept the intruder, but as they move into engineering and then the holding cells, they find a Chadra-Fan stowaway instead. Rylon knows a bit of her language and after a little interrogation they know…. Gr’vesk stalks the hold of the nameless YT. Defel_G7.jpg

Hakken’s comm chimes until he answers. “Let ussss finishhh thissss. Come to the cargo hold alone.” Hakken stealthily moves into the cargo bay when B3 restores the lights, the hunter becomes the hunted and Hakken spots Gr’vesk. He gets the jump, opening fire. The Defel squeals and runs firing off a shot, but hitting nothing.

After seaching for the assassin once again, Hakken finds the controls to the secondary hold removed, as he rounds the corner the door seals and the cargo bay lift opens. The vacuum fights itself and Hakken holds on for dear life as B3 quickly moves to shut down the lift. For now Gr’vesk is locked inside the secondary hold… which also happens to be the armory….

The crew shuts off ventilation within the sealed hull and after a time open the door to find the Defel dead. As they check his body two armed grenades fall from beneath his arm pits and roll out to the main cargo hold. They detonate, blinding the landing crew and destroying the cargo lift.

With repairs to the hyperdrive near complete, Alger Sodoth contacts the ship. The Hutts are restless and ready to move, but Alger is doing his best to stall them.

Loose Ends

After delivering the captured prototype starfighter to the drop point, the spacers and their surviving droid are shuttled back to Titan Base where they warn the Alliance of the imminent attack by the Empire. Rylon spends the evacuation in a bacta tank and being outfitted with a new arm, while Hakken and B3 attempt to finish the modifications on the old YT. With only a handful of support staff including the members of Bandit and Nightmare Squads, Commander Elemack has put the last business on hold for a gathering in the mostly empty hanger bay.

Fanfare calls to the spacers from their open loading ramp. “That can’t be for us”, Rylon muses. A familiar voice calls up to them. The spacers find the two squads lined up at either side of the ramp and Commander Elemack waiting for them ahead at the bottom. Hakken slides his helmet on and they walk down, greeted by applause, stopping in front of the Mon Cal commander. “We are here today to thank and award to brave heroes to the Alliance. Firstly, Hakken Thul, we present you with the Alliance Civilian Battle Award for your part in Operation: Shell Game.” The commander sticks a ribbon onto Hakken’s armored chest. “Next we award one of our own, Rylon Corsair. Firstly you are awarded a Redbird for the injuries you sustained in battle.” He pins a small rebel insignia to Rylon’s collar. “Next, though usually reserved for SpecForce operatives, we present you with the Crescent of Valor for bravery under fire while freeing a SpecForce team. And lastly… a Field Achievement Award for coming back from your first mission.” The audience chuckles at the mention of the award and applaud the heroes.

For a few moments the squads linger, coming up to congratulate the spacers, as Commander Elemack explains to Rylon he may be called back to active service even while he acts a procurement specialist. Rylon makes a joke about prison breaks and Elemack nods. "Actually, there’s a mission in planning phase now to assault the Spice Mines of Kessel to rescue rebel prisoners, Rylon tells him of the hidden asteriod base in the Kessel sector the spacers captured, though admits that the Empire likely has knowledge of its location and will be looking for them there. Elemack thanks the spacers and will pass the coordinates up to logistics for integration into the mission. He then excuses himself to finish seeing the final transport away.

Mesha Vendock approaches the spacers next. He’s completely cleaned up, shaved, and stands tall in his uniform. “I need to thank you for getting me up and on my feet again. You’re welcome to run with Bandit Squad any time…” He pulls a small recording rod from his pocket. “You should have this, it’s the last recorded message from Senator Ivor Drake it was intended for your droids old master. Don’t know whats on it, it’s totally encrypted, but maybe the droid can figure it out….” After a few more goodbyes, everyone is back to the evacuation.

After some last minute start up trouble, the YT is the last to leave Titan Base. Not far from the planet, before a hyperdrive course can be set, the YT comes across three TIEs streaking from hyperspace. A TIE interceptor leading two standard TIEs outfitted with hyperdrive engines. The battle does little damage to the YT before they destroy the TIEs and make hyperspace to Sleheyron.

Later The Nameless YT sets down at Bargos the Hutt’s mansion. They are led to an audience in Bargos’s main audience chamber, where as usual a party is in full swing. Rylon begins to tell him about a neighborhood on Nar Shaddaa that has been taken over by Black Sun. Bargos can’t believe that Black Sun would be so bold to go under the Hutts, but warms up to the idea of taking back territory that the other clans are unaware of, especially if he can collect while the spacers do all the work.

Rylon, knowing Jabba the Hutt controls a majority of Nar Shaddaa Crime and that Bargos is not allied with Jabba, suggests they also bring in Diori the Hutt to pad their firepower. Bargos agrees to speak with Diori and make arrangements to take back The Box. He tells them to do nothing until their forces are ready.

While Rylon loses credits gambling, Hakken goes back to the ship to begin arrangements and tie up loose ends. First he sends a message to Jan Ors telling her about RA-7-MTD, Imperial Intelligence Officer Obran Cass, and the Dark Troopers they faced.

Then he contacts Platt Okeefe to warn her not to go to the meeting at the asteroid base as it most likely is compromised by the Empire. She admits she was never going to show but does offer her help. She offers to smuggle for them and sends them an invite to Cynabar’s Infonet, an exclusive information service for smugglers.

Last, Hakken comms Alger Sodoth expecting to find him on Formos, but Alger is at the asteroid base. He has The Vagrant back together using a team of 3 Pit Droids and has excavated more of the cavern to fit the YT and another fighter using an old mining droid. He suggests a legitimate mining operation be set up within the asteroid field before Hakken cuts him off and tells him to evacuate the compromised base. The spacers will meet him at Formos where he’s to put together a crew.

Operation: Shellgame Part 3

With the smoke starting to settle and reinforcements sure to arrive,Hakken leads the freed prisoners, consisting of Rebels, Pirates, and Smugglers to the hanger bay to sabotage the remaining TIE fighters. Hoping to draw off the stations personnel so Rylon can disable the tractor beam power relay, before meeting up at the restricted hanger to steal Project: Shell Cracker.

Hakken recognizes one of the prisoners as Platt Okeefe, the brash and beautiful smuggler celebrity, he asks for her assistance personally disabling the TIEs. She agrees if only to see it’s done right. Two lifts full of the fifteen prisoners and Hakken are unleashed onto the common area. The Imperials aren’t caught off guard however, and a dozen stormtroopers lead by seasoned officers open fire. The smugglers take point, followed by the Eyttyrmin Batiiv Pirates, and Hakken and the Rebels in the rear guard. As the blaster bolts fly, technicians caught in the cross fire flee, and after several moments the battle is done. Two of the pirates have been lost, others injured, but the path to the hanger is cleared.

Meanwhile, Rylon and the droids RA-7 and R4-B3 head down to the engineering level. The lift opens to reveal the coupling directly in front of him, but 5 stormtroopers, an officer, technician, and maintenance droids all share the cramped space. Rylon shows his stolen technician credentials he lifted earlier to one of the troopers, who barks to get the droids to their station and then take his own battle station. B3 leads the way to some data terminals occupied by a protocol and astromech droid. The Imperial droid doesn’t give up it’s station easily, but after some coaxing leaves with the other droid. It doesn’t take the B3 long to splice into the Imperial network and locate information about the Empires movements, patrols, and and cargo transports for the next six months. B3 downloads the information as well as details regarding the nature of Project Shell Cracker and several encrypted data packets. He’s even able to direct Rylon to his battle station, at the tractor beam power relay coupling.

Rylon takes his battle station, begins making readings which he loudly objects to, then calls for the astromech. The Imperial model dismissed earlier comes forward and moves to the scomp link, located under the power toggle lever. Rylon knocks the astromech off the narrow walkway into the superstructure below, hitting the lever and then raising attention the droid has fallen. As the stormtroopers, technician, and droids all look down the chasm below, Rylon starts to slip away. He meets the droids as the officer comes out and notices everyone looking down. With the unfamiliar droids and an unfamiliar technician in Rylon, he calls out. Before the troopers attention is raised, comm static followed by a message burst calling for reinforcements to the common area sounds out and the troopers quickly move. Rylon smooths out the “confusion” with the officer before taking his leave.

Back at the main hanger above, Hakken and his personal army have stormed through, taking out the technicians with ease. While most of the prisoners carry the injured to their ships, Hakken, Platt, and Gia (the freed Dathomiri NIght Sister) fight off a group of TIE pilots as the Tintinna mechanic locks down the docking clamps for the TIEs. The Rebel’s escape with the Imperial Shuttle Rylon and Hakken arrived on, while the pirates and smugglers take to their own ships, a Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter and YT-1300 respectively. Before departing Hakken requests they meet him at the Formos asteroid base in a week.

After some stealthy maneuvers, Rylon, Hakken, and the droids make it to the Restricted Hanger bay. Strangely the door has no guards, though is thoroughly locked down. The electronic lock breaker gets its final use opening the doors and revealing an unoccupied hanger. It’s smaller then main hanger, housing a odd TIE fighter, an unusally large escape pod, various crates and fuel containers, and the modified assault shuttle known as Project: Shell-Cracker. After entering the hanger, the doors behind then shut automatically and heavy locks reengage. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

The ramp of the assault shuttle lowers and a four legged platform walks down it projecting the image of a young Imperial officer.

“I must say, you do move quickly. Though I am unable to be there myself, I will have my revenge Hakken Thul”. Hakken looks confused, “And who are you?” RA steps forward, “That is my former master, Obran Cass, the one I hired you kill.” Cass tisks, “No, you only carried out your programming RA-7. I knew you were on Nar Shaddaa, Thul, it was just a matter of time before the bounty would flush you out. Once we had some inquires on it, I sent in RA here to find and hire you.” Still confused, Hakken asks, “And what did i do to you?”. Cass flashes anger, “He was nothing to you, an obstacle in the way of one of your bounties, a faceless stormtrooper… but he was my brother, and you killed him. Now I don’t need backhand bounties, your a Rebel traitor and your new crew will die the same as your former one… Did you tell him? Oh, Rylon, you should be off at the Imperial Academy, honing your skills for the service to the Empire, but now you’ll die on this day as well. You and your Jedi propaganda spewing astromech. Behind the holographic image, heavy metal footsteps sound, and a huge humanoid droid walks down the ramp. A blast shield on one arm and vibroblade on the other – The Phase I Dark Trooper. “I’m sure you remember this model, Thul, now meet the next step in the Emperor’s technological might.” The escape pod doors open to the spacers right and out steps another humanoid droid vaguely reminiscent of a stromtrooper in heavy black armor – The Phase II Dark Trooper.

The hologram of Cass steps to the side as and the Phase I takes off toward the group of spacers, attacking Hakken with it’s vibroblade. RA is first to react, raising his blaster rifle at the Dark Trooper. Cass calls out, “RA-7, Imperial Override code, Aurek, Krill, Seven, Seven, Zerek”. RA spins around and blasts, Rylon at point blank range. The Phase II jetpacks on top of a row of crates and fires down at the spacers. Hakken and Rylon do their best to take over against the droids, but take serious wounds from their attacks. After Rylon fires at the holographic platform, B3 makes a break for the “Shell-Cracker” and RA seems to come back to his own will and turns on the Phase II droid. The Dark Trooper nearly destroys RA with one blast before turning back on Rylon. With a concussive laser battery, Rylon is knock to the ground. The droid advances on him and blasts him again, taking off his left arm above the elbow.

The engines of the prototype craft flare. Rylon and Hakken make a run for the loading ramp, the Phase I hot on their heels. RA gets to his feet, heavily damaged, dragging one inoperative leg and fires an ineffectual blast at the Phase II. The ramp raises as the shuttle lifts off and blasts out of the hanger bay, leaving RA behind. It’s not a few moments later that a fireball explodes from the hanger.

In space, the two freighters are in a pitched battle with the TIE squad already on maneuvers nearby. Nightmare Squadron responds to the beacon and pops from hyperspace to engage the enemy. Nearly caught in the crossfire, the spacers turn away for their jump to the rendezvous, and escape.

Operation: Shellgame Part 2

Using the personal stash of spice Rylon had stashed away, he and Hakken have incapacitated a pair of technicians and acquired the uniforms and keycodes for the engineering level. They ready their gear and make their way to droid maintenance before any incriminating evidence can be found…

Upon arriving into the maintenance level, the spacers spot R4-B3 partially disassembled on an examination table, being operated on by a female tech and a few G2 droids. Rylon gets to the tech and stops her, she exclaims, “Don’t you know what this is! This isn’t Imperial issue, it’s a old Jedi hybrid mod…”, Rylon cuts her off. “I know what it is! And if you take it apart the information contained within could be lost!”, he lies to her, but she believes it. “Put it back together before more damage is done! And where’s the other droid?!” She indicates beyond the doors guarded by stormtroopers. Rylon approaches, while Hakken “busies” himself nearby, concealed blaster ready.

Rylon attempts to step the lie up telling the troopers that his investigating a mole, the troopers are suspicious but reveal that rebels have already been captured. Rylon pushes the lie further, indicating the officer with RA but this is too far fetched and raise their blasters asking for identification. Rylon hands it over and the trooper takes it to the wall mounted computer terminal nearby, but before he can scan it, Hakken opens fire. After a short exchange of blaster fire, the stormtroopers are down and the tech makes a run for it. Rylon calls for her to stop, but Hakken shoots her down before she makes it to the lift. Thankfully the droids completed putting B3 back together first. The spacers quickly don the trooper armor and head to find RA-7.

Down the corridor, the Imperial officer from the docking bay heads toward them, but see’s the astromech behind them and realizes he’s been had. He raises his blaster and fires at them. He ducks back into the room where he came but is overcome by Hakken and surrenders before raising the alarm. They find RA hooked into a data terminal, his internal memory displayed on the viewscreen above. A rapid succession of images shows recordings of the last several months and an scrolling list of all the Imperial crimes the pair of committed along with aliases and allies. B3 explains that RA-7 has a separate subroutine, impossible to find unless specifically looking for it that spies and then uploads encrypted data through public data lines. He wipes the computer but it’s unknown how much has already been gleamed by the enemy.

As RA gets reactivated intruder alarms sound and the Imperial officer makes a run for it, Hakken cuts him down. A squad of stormtroopers arrive from the lift. Rylon, still disguised as a trooper himself, calls them to the droid interrogation room they were just in, and the group slips out as the squad investigates.

The lift has been locked down and will only go to the detention level. With the tractor beam still left to be disabled and TIES to should be sabotaged before they can attempt to steal the prototype fighter, the spacers decide to rescue the Rebel cell that’s been captured. They conceal blasters within their armor and organize their gear onto a small repulsor sled.

The lift opens and the administrator asks where the rest of the squad is. Rylon explins they’re continuing the investigation, but they’ve been sent to secure these droids – which were taken from the intruders. The officer indicates a cell down the hall, “across from the Rebel scum we’ve already captured.” A glance at the computer terminal shows them the exact location of the captured Rebels.

They find the captured Rebels, consisting of a ragtag group of five, two of which have been beaten or tortured so badly they can’t walk out on their own. As they override the locks and slip in, the stormtrooper squad returns and their cover is blown. Trapped in the detention corridor, Hakken and Rylon hold back the advancing stormtroopers and Imperial security detail. Rylon takes some serious wounds as he fights, but RA’s recently uploaded medical programing keeps him fighting.

When the smoke clears they’ve cleared them room, but have precious little time before reinforcements arrive.


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