Star Wars - The Nameless

Having only known one another for a few days, Rylon Corsair and Hakken Thul enter into an agreement to get off Nar Shaddaa together…
Currently Rylon and Hakken have been working out of a small neighborhood called “The Box”, where all manner of illicit activities can be found and all of it done under the Hutts’ noses. Hakken has been doing enforcement work for Rusk. Ryloth has borrowed the amount needed to buy into a sabacc tournament from Kal’Steen, a Siniteen bookie.

Hakken and Rylon make their way through the high walkways of the Vertical City to Frank’s Sabacc Den. As they pass the Dianoga Rider’s Swoop Gang Clubhouse, some of the members try to hassle them. Hakken and a Trandoshan have a tense moment staring one another down, but Rylon makes a few zingers that get the other alien swoop riders laughing and they proceed to Frank’s.

Settling in the sabacc table, Rylon nervously assesses his competition and is pleased that he sees no serious threats… until RA-7-MTD sits down at the empty seat beside him. The droid proceeds to win hand after hand and quickly ends what should have been a night long event. Rylon attempts to befriend RA-7, in hopes of taking the winnings off him, but after a some attempts to charm and coerce him, RA offers the winnings up as reward to find and kill his former master, an imperial officer named Obran Cass. He promises to work for them as translator and comm operator.

As they leave, Hakken, Rylon, and RA-7 are ambushed by the Dianoga Riders. With blasters trained and ready, Gizwello kindly request the droid be handed over to them, but Hakken and Rylon deny that request. A blaster fight breaks out on the street. RA gets winged with several hits. Hakken shoots Gizwello’s blaster from his hand and RA goes for it. Then Hakken critically injures Gizzwello with a blaster bolt to the face. A Gran and a Sakiyan, drag Gizwello back to a waiting, open top speeder. They throw him in before taking off as the other Dianoga Riders make it to their swoops and take off as well. As Hakken and Rylon consider what to do with Gizwello’s left behind swoop, a small Chadra-Fan runs out from an ally way hops on it and waves before taking off.

“If the Chadra-Fan didn’t get to it, I may have grabbed it myself.”, Gretina says coming from around the corner. Rylon and Gretina have spoken before and are friendly. She offers to fix up RA and help them find a ship using some of her contacts to get them a cheap price – Free of charge, just as thanks for putting the swoop gang in their place. But the credits they have available won’t make a dent in getting them a ship…

Rylon takes some of the winnings to go pay back Kal’Steen, but only finds the small shop front locked up.

Hakken goes to see if Rusk has any jobs he can take. As he enters Rusk’s office building he spots Gr’vesk, hiding in the shadows, and acknowledges him. Inside Rusk is very pleased to see Hakken. He pulls up the a holo recording of the fight, capture from a hidden camera pointing down from one of the apartments above the courtyard, and pays 20,000 credits for doing him such a big favor and dealing with the Swoop Gang. Rusk already has men acquiring the club house, warehouse, and docking port that the swoop controlled. Hakken inquires about work and is given the task of collections on a loan to Frank Garret, the owner of Frank’s. Rusk suggests he threaten the Twi’lek waitress, Frank’s adopted daughter. As Hakken leaves, Rusk asks him to inform Rylon that he’s bought his debt from Kal’Steen.

Rylon and Hakken meet in the street and Rylon promptly pays Rusk a visit to take care of his debt, but Rusk asks for more credits, as he charges a higher loan rate, or the whole thing could get called off if Rylon does some favors… maybe throw a sabacc game some time.

Worried and intimidated Rylon accompanies Hakken on his collection job at Frank’s. Hakken gives Rylon some credits for drinks and gambling and the request to make a scene. Rylon drinks, sulks about losing to a droid, and ultimately gets caught cheating. Hakken grabs Eelia and request the loan amount for Rusk, 50k credits. Frank only has 30k, which Hakken takes, along with Eelia as collateral.

When they arrive back at Gretina’s garage, they find the door busted open and Gretina dead. A quick search finds RA-7 switched off and buried in a junk heap and Gretina’s helper droid R4-B3 hiding behind some fuel tanks. He plays back a recording of the events:

The Trandoshan gang member Hakken stared down earlier attempts to beat the door in. Gretina first orders B3 to hide then uses her droid caller to disable him from moving, getting involved and damaged. She switches RA-7 off and throws some junk over him, and before she can get to her tool kit for a weapon, the Trandoshan busts the door in and attacks her. He escapes moments before Hakken, Rylon, and Eelia arrive.



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