Star Wars - The Nameless

Battle of Khuiumin

On the heels of a successful rescue mission flown with the Rouge Squadron and elite Commandos of the Rebellion, Major Hakken Thul and Lt. Commander Rylon Corsair fly out to represent the Rebellion in defense of the free system Khuiumin. They Ettyrmin Battiv pirates have long held the system and have decided to make a stand against the two Star Destroyers in route to quell their insurrection. The Alliance believes an Imperial defeat may inspire other systems, but the lacks the resources (and trust) to support it fully, and allowed only the use of one X-Wing.

The pirate fleet consists of over a 170 ships, nearly 30 Corvettes, 50 converted yachts and civilian ships, 2 dozen cargo ships, and 70 starfighters. The craft take a blockade position around the planet waiting ready for the Imperials to come.

Rylon flies The Nameless along with Neza, his Weequay copilot, Godon, Rodian Gunner, Meka, the Chadra-Fan mechanic, and they latest edition to the crew, Gia, the Dathomiri Slave rescued from the Imperial base with the pirates. They’ve taught her how to work the guns and her own natural instincts serve her well, but she’s by no means an expert.

Hakken, being that he’s piloting a unique class ship, has been given command of a whole Squadron. He’s named them Dagger Squad, and they wait deployed at the front lines of the blockade.

Two Imperial Star Destroyers drop out of hyperspace, The Bombard and Crusader. Both craft launch TIE L/N fighters which take formation around and escorting The Bombard as the craft plunges into the blockade. Meanwhile The Crusader hangs back and remains outlining from the battle.

Rylon immediately sees an opening in their strategy and begins to call out for a squad to follow him to engage The Crusader while it remains undefended from fighters, but is cut off by the command vessel, who orders all to remain in formation while fighter squads engage the TIEs to draw them away from the Destroyer.

Within moments Dagger squad is in the thick of it and being undisciplined, quickly breaks formation. TIES swarm Hakken, before he’s able to make a shot B3 is knocked off line. Hakken takes out first wave, but move strafe by causing increasing more and more damage. Hakken is in deep.

The blockade opens fire and begins doing heavy damage to The Bombard. Rylon responds to Hakken’s distress call, dodging cannon fire, and clears off a group of TIEs before they can land the final blow on the X-Wing. With a bold move he swoops back and fires missiles on the port shield generator, successfully destroying it.

The battle begins to turn when The Bombard successfully removes key weapons from the Corvette Cruisers and pulls ten of the craft around it with Tractor beams resulting in a shield. The Pirate command orders the blockade to hold fire and fighters to take out…. STATIC…. The Imperials are jamming communication.

The Nameless and Dagger One regain comms and B3 comes back online, though needing a little overhaul. As uncoordinated attempts are made by fighters to take out destroyers tractor beams, the spacers pick up signals of small fighters deploying from The Bombard. With a visual scan they spot Zero G stormtroopers braving the void of space to invade the captured Corvettes.

As The Nameless moves to engage The Crusader, Dagger one attempts to fire on The Bombards bridge from behind, but has little luck with the starboard shields still active. Fighters come in to attack Hakken and Rylon returns to his aid.

Shuttles launch to the Corvettes that seem to have shaken the tractor beams. As the Corvettes move the wrong way through the blockade they open fire on the pirate fleet around them. They’ve been captured and are being used against the still comm jammed pirates. The blockade crumbles into chaos in all directions.

The spacers watch as fleeing pirates get shredded by the ready guns of the outlying destroyer, the ones making a stand fall to the pirates captured Corvettes and the lead destroyer. And still others flee to the planet below.

Quickly Rylon and Hakken agree to retreat to Tatooine. After a harrowing chase, dodging cannon fire and incoming TIE fighters, the two ships make for hyperspace.



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