Star Wars - The Nameless

At the insistence of B3 and their own curiosity, Hakken and Rylon head to the coordinates of the weapons cache on the other side of Sleheyron. They find themselves in a warehouse district that spans for a dozen and dozens kilometers dotted with landing platforms and surrounded by Tibanna gas processing facilities. Only light traffic and the occasional droid are seen as they make their way to the warehouse.

They bring along the two binary load lifters they picked up from Dobah, and find 27 crates containing 100 Blaster Pistols, 100 Blaster Carbines, 2 Missile Tubes, and 5 Heavy Repeating Blasters. The crates are electronically locked however and the code is linked to all containers. Three attempts are allowed, after which the contents are destroyed. B3 attempts to open the containers uses one attempt.

Bargos the Hutt’s protocol droid contacts The YT and delivers the coordinates for the oridium mine on Gavos. After taking off from the warehouse and getting out of the areas jammers, the group discovers the crates are broadcasting a signal. Another open attempt is tripped while disabling the broadcast.

While en route to Gavos, Hakken goes to throw the prisoner Alger Sodoth out the airlock. Sodoth pleads for his life and offers to take up Dobah’s piracy operation and work for Hakken and Rylon, all reward, no risk – he does the work and pays up to them. Hakken contemplates this for a moment. “Alright, I’ll agree to it. Despite my better judgement”, Hakken growls and releases Sodoth.

Arriving at Gavos, they find an inhospitable planet with deadly storms and a deadlier atmosphere of ammonia and methane. The mining facility lay in area surrounded by Storm Barrier Generators, which keeps the high winds and caustic clouds from destroying it. A nav beacon directs them to the mine, which is no more then a squat bunker buried in a hillside on one of the planet’s northern highland plateaus. No voice hails them as they touch down on the battered durracrete landing pad. They spot an old treadwell droid rusting to the side and a flickering pressure curtain holding back the poisonous atmosphere. Hakken modifies his painted Clone Trooper helmet with a breath mask, Sodoth and Rylon wear them standard, and as they head toward the facility they doubt they’ll find they 100k credits demanded by Bargos the Hutt as they go to investigate.

A small window to the left of the door shows a scorch mark at chest height. They enter the facility into a reception area, a thin layer of dust covering the room. Finding the reception office torn apart and a blotchy smear of dark liquid stains the carpet beneath the window with what they determine as a blaster scorch, they raise blasters and continue to investigate.

The cafeteria is empty save for the cook droid busying himself in the kitchen. As they look further into the room and find 4 dead miners slumped in their chairs or on the ground. Continuing on they find a recreation room, abandoned with half smoked cigarras and unfinished drinks. They find another body in the refresher as they move room to room investigating the miner’s quarters. They get to what appears to be the mining chief’s quarters and come across the polished chrome form of an administration droid, slumped over and apparently lifeless.

They pry off the restraining bolt and the droid reboots. He introduces himself as 3D-4k, but knows nothing of recent events. He is shocked to hear about the dead miners and the last he can recall is agreeing to meet EV-8D3 to discuss the mine’s other droids. Some have been behaving oddly and showing rebellious tendencies towards their duties. He shows the spacers to the office when an alarm beings to blare over the PA…



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