Star Wars - The Nameless

Rylon's little debt has become big trouble

A check of the sensors shows that 3 Z-95 headhunters and a Skipray Blastboat are in hot pursuit. The Headhunters take formation in front of the Blastboat as the comm channel chirps. Rylon anxiously answers to find Gizwello, leader of the Dianoga Riders, now with a half bionic face. He sneers at Rylon and threatens to blast them out of space.

Gizzwello small

As soon as the Headhunters are within range, Hakken and RA-7-MTD open fire. Though RA has some programing as a gunner, it’s Hakken that makes the best strikes. RA moves to the cockpit to aid in the comm systems, B3 tries his best to keep the ship together, and Rylon keeps her moving as the backup hyperdrive comes online.

Hakken critically damages one Headhunters sensors and it’s forced to fall back. Next he critically knocks another Headhunter off course and it loses pace in the chase. The Blastboat moves into position and fires a volley of laser blasts and a concussion missile before being knocked off course itself. The last Headhunter breaks the chase as the hyperdrive comes online and spits out coordinates along the Pabol Hutta hyperspace route to Hosko station.



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