Star Wars - The Nameless

With prisoners in tow, Hakken Thul and Rylon Corsair head for the Hutt Slave Market world of Sleheyron to meet the vial gangster Thakba Besadii Diori. With the transaction complete and the pirate Bandin Dobah turned over to the Hutt Slave Lord, the two spacers accompany a group of underground scoundrels on Diori’s personal skiff to watch Dobah’s punishment.

Dobah stands in the center of a huge gladiatorial arena, armed only with a combat knife. Around the pit the stands are filled with thousands of cheering spectators. On a floating skiff overhead, Rylon and Hakken watch joined by Diori, Bargos the Hutt, Toolo (Black Sun Vigo), and Daxon Oliver (Hot Shot Smuggler and Gambler).

Dobah’s first opponent is a Barabel warrior. The first fight does not last long, and though Dobah is victorious and the crowd cheers – they cheer for what’s to come. Soon Dobah faces Wookiee gladiator, though unarmed the Wookiee nearly finishes Dobah, but it’s rage gets the better of him and Dobah is able to score a critical hit and fell his oppenent. The final fight could hardly be called a fight. The doors on the opposite side of the arena open revealing a rampaging Gundark. The beast closes the distance and hammers Dobah to the ground and begins to feed on him.

Later, at Diori’s palatial estate, the Hutt inquires about any spice that was found with Dobah as well as the shipment that was meant for Nar Shaddaa. Anxious to fuel his party, he offers 20k for all the spice available. Though Rylon knows that the amount found is worth 20k alone and they are still owed another 10k for delivery of the Nar Shaddaa shipment, they agree to the amount. Diori’s very pleased and promises to use his contacts to remove their bounty posting within Hutt Space.

Rylon and Hakken enter into a high stakes sabbacc game with scoundrels they’ve accompanied. At the end of the night, Rylon loses a thousand credits, Hakken breaks even, and they lose the sabbacc pot, which has been sweetened by an oridium mine offered by Diori, a modified YT-2400 offered by Daxon, turf rights offered by Oebris, pre-clone wars banking clan bonds offered by Bargos, and Alger Sodoth offered by Hakken and Rylon as a slave.

Bargos the Hutt takes the sabbacc pot,though is uninterested in slaves. He instead offers that the spacers go the the oridium mines he’s just acquired to procure a first payment of 100k credits, assured by Diori to be the annual profit and to be there. In turn for doing this, Bargos will talk to his Banking Clan allies to see about reducing the amount of the bounty or removing it from Outer Rim postings.

Back at The YT, while awaiting for the deeds to be transferred before getting underway, B3 becomes extremely excited upon awaking from recharge and tapping into the ships computer. The droid explains that a message, which he has been aware of but unable to access, has been unlocked within his memory core.

The holo projected message shows a twenty something year old blond woman wearing simple robes of brown and white and a grave expression.

“Greetings Master Makeen, If you are viewing this, you’ve obviously made your way to Sleheyron. My apologies for the secretive nature of this message. Master Windu has handed this mission down specifically and asked it be kept off the council records. Recently a group of senators calling themselves the Delegation of 2000 presented a petition to the Supreme Chancellor requesting he give up his emergency powers, but the Chancellor refused. Master Windu and the delegation believe that the Chancellor may not give up his powers at all. That being said the Senator from Kestos Minor has arranged for weapons purchased from the Hutts to kept there in a warehouse in Sleheyron until they can be delievered to the militia of Kestos. Your droid has the coordinates and pass code for the warehouse. Perhaps this will all be for nothing, but all the same, May the force be with you.”

RA warns that the existence of this message makes them targets for the Empire and could be view as Jedi propaganda at best or worse, evidence of being Jedi sympathizers.



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