Star Wars - The Nameless

A CALL TO BATTLE! Bargos and Diori have their forces ready to take back “The Box” from Rusk and his Black Sun Connections. The spacers of the nameless YT and The Vagrant get ready to leave for Nar Shaadda with their new crews to rendezvous with the Hutts.

The common area of the old YT is crowded. More crew then the spacers have ever had onboard wait talking loudly to one another, the commotion punctuated by the sounds of drilling and banging coming from the cargo bay. R4-B3 working on some special project.

The three humans that make up the landing party, Ralla, Kaylak, and Vin, shoulder in at the holoboard arguing whether or not the game has been tampered with. The mercs aren’t that smart, having been brought up in streets of Formos, but they respect Hakken and Rylon for taking care of Daro’s gang.

The dedicated flight crew that was recruited consists of three aliens. They lean against the wall or sit looking over datapads. Gus is a Goatal communications engineer, he’s good natured and friendly. Ori is a grumpy Talz mechanic. Neza is a weathered Weequay pilot, who won’t talk about her past.

And lastly the two Rodian siblings, Zukata and Godon Netakka stand to the side talking in their musical native language. After Godon was dropped back off at Formos, he refused to return home disgraced and in turn Zukata refused to return home without him. For the last month they’ve lived off what would have been the credits for the transport home. Godon’s injuries never healed properly and left him with a slight limp, but he has extensive gunnery training and can pilot in a pinch. Zukata is smart, pretty, and strong willed, raised with a good education. She could just as easily infiltrate an alien friendly establishment with her charms as running a legitimate enterprise.

Hakken and Rylon enter to see the whole group assembled for the first time. Rylon defers mission perameters to Hakken, who shares very little before getting the crews underway. B3 is revealed to be working on attaching blasters to the Binary Load Lifters…. The banging is a glitch in the wiring, causing the lifters arm to spasm and slam against the wall.

Later, half way through the journey, the hyperdrive sputters out and the nameless YT is dropped back into real space. B3 and Ori attempt to locate the problem, and come across sabotage. Most everyone assembles in the main cargo hold, for hours the mechanics work on the drive. Ori fetches some tools from the secondary hold and begins to return when his howls are heard echoing through the ship. He’s found dead, slashed across the back, in a puddle of his own blood.

The whole crew is assembled in the main hold, as they make their way, Gus goes missing for a moment and is found in the same way as Ori. His heavy coat offering a clue. Three distinct slashes, claw-like, tip the spacers toward thinking it could be the defel assassin. Then the lights go out.

The load lifter is sent ahead to scout and makes it to engineering before going offline. The whole crew moves to intercept the intruder, but as they move into engineering and then the holding cells, they find a Chadra-Fan stowaway instead. Rylon knows a bit of her language and after a little interrogation they know…. Gr’vesk stalks the hold of the nameless YT. Defel_G7.jpg

Hakken’s comm chimes until he answers. “Let ussss finishhh thissss. Come to the cargo hold alone.” Hakken stealthily moves into the cargo bay when B3 restores the lights, the hunter becomes the hunted and Hakken spots Gr’vesk. He gets the jump, opening fire. The Defel squeals and runs firing off a shot, but hitting nothing.

After seaching for the assassin once again, Hakken finds the controls to the secondary hold removed, as he rounds the corner the door seals and the cargo bay lift opens. The vacuum fights itself and Hakken holds on for dear life as B3 quickly moves to shut down the lift. For now Gr’vesk is locked inside the secondary hold… which also happens to be the armory….

The crew shuts off ventilation within the sealed hull and after a time open the door to find the Defel dead. As they check his body two armed grenades fall from beneath his arm pits and roll out to the main cargo hold. They detonate, blinding the landing crew and destroying the cargo lift.

With repairs to the hyperdrive near complete, Alger Sodoth contacts the ship. The Hutts are restless and ready to move, but Alger is doing his best to stall them.



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