An ungraded RA-7 protocol droid with additional translation hardware


The Imperial Security Bureau ordered thousands of RA-7s from Arakyd and installed special programming in the droids to use them as spies and given as gifts. As those targeted by the droids began to uncover hidden recording devices and surveillance equipment in the nigh-useless droids, they began to hide, misplace or lose them to avoid attention and branding as traitors for spurning a gift from the Emperor. This often lead them to be found in junk shops, droid auctions or swap meets.

RA was one such droid given to Obran Cass and abandoned within a few months. Finding it difficult to secure work, both from the reputation as spies and for being a useless droid, RA upgraded himself to include translation gear and added MTD (mirco translation device) to his name in hopes of differentiate himself.

His struggles over the years left him seeking vengeance on the the officer that abandoned him. He saved enough credits for a sabbacc tournament buy in at a seedy Nar Shaddaa neighborhood and promptly won nearly every hand.

With his winnings he hired Hakken Thul to kill his former master, Imperial Officer Obran Cass, and joined with the bounty hunter and his partener Rylon Corsair

Unfortuatly, RA was used to infiltrate Hakken’s crew and draw him out into the open so Cass could seek her revenge against Hakken for killing her stormtrooper brother long ago.

He was destroyed in a battle on the Imperial station known as the Hammer fighting Dark Trooper droids, it is believed it was his final act of heroics against his programming that


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