Star Wars - The Nameless

Using the personal stash of spice Rylon had stashed away, he and Hakken have incapacitated a pair of technicians and acquired the uniforms and keycodes for the engineering level. They ready their gear and make their way to droid maintenance before any incriminating evidence can be found…

Upon arriving into the maintenance level, the spacers spot R4-B3 partially disassembled on an examination table, being operated on by a female tech and a few G2 droids. Rylon gets to the tech and stops her, she exclaims, “Don’t you know what this is! This isn’t Imperial issue, it’s a old Jedi hybrid mod…”, Rylon cuts her off. “I know what it is! And if you take it apart the information contained within could be lost!”, he lies to her, but she believes it. “Put it back together before more damage is done! And where’s the other droid?!” She indicates beyond the doors guarded by stormtroopers. Rylon approaches, while Hakken “busies” himself nearby, concealed blaster ready.

Rylon attempts to step the lie up telling the troopers that his investigating a mole, the troopers are suspicious but reveal that rebels have already been captured. Rylon pushes the lie further, indicating the officer with RA but this is too far fetched and raise their blasters asking for identification. Rylon hands it over and the trooper takes it to the wall mounted computer terminal nearby, but before he can scan it, Hakken opens fire. After a short exchange of blaster fire, the stormtroopers are down and the tech makes a run for it. Rylon calls for her to stop, but Hakken shoots her down before she makes it to the lift. Thankfully the droids completed putting B3 back together first. The spacers quickly don the trooper armor and head to find RA-7.

Down the corridor, the Imperial officer from the docking bay heads toward them, but see’s the astromech behind them and realizes he’s been had. He raises his blaster and fires at them. He ducks back into the room where he came but is overcome by Hakken and surrenders before raising the alarm. They find RA hooked into a data terminal, his internal memory displayed on the viewscreen above. A rapid succession of images shows recordings of the last several months and an scrolling list of all the Imperial crimes the pair of committed along with aliases and allies. B3 explains that RA-7 has a separate subroutine, impossible to find unless specifically looking for it that spies and then uploads encrypted data through public data lines. He wipes the computer but it’s unknown how much has already been gleamed by the enemy.

As RA gets reactivated intruder alarms sound and the Imperial officer makes a run for it, Hakken cuts him down. A squad of stormtroopers arrive from the lift. Rylon, still disguised as a trooper himself, calls them to the droid interrogation room they were just in, and the group slips out as the squad investigates.

The lift has been locked down and will only go to the detention level. With the tractor beam still left to be disabled and TIES to should be sabotaged before they can attempt to steal the prototype fighter, the spacers decide to rescue the Rebel cell that’s been captured. They conceal blasters within their armor and organize their gear onto a small repulsor sled.

The lift opens and the administrator asks where the rest of the squad is. Rylon explins they’re continuing the investigation, but they’ve been sent to secure these droids – which were taken from the intruders. The officer indicates a cell down the hall, “across from the Rebel scum we’ve already captured.” A glance at the computer terminal shows them the exact location of the captured Rebels.

They find the captured Rebels, consisting of a ragtag group of five, two of which have been beaten or tortured so badly they can’t walk out on their own. As they override the locks and slip in, the stormtrooper squad returns and their cover is blown. Trapped in the detention corridor, Hakken and Rylon hold back the advancing stormtroopers and Imperial security detail. Rylon takes some serious wounds as he fights, but RA’s recently uploaded medical programing keeps him fighting.

When the smoke clears they’ve cleared them room, but have precious little time before reinforcements arrive.



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