Star Wars - The Nameless

With the smoke starting to settle and reinforcements sure to arrive,Hakken leads the freed prisoners, consisting of Rebels, Pirates, and Smugglers to the hanger bay to sabotage the remaining TIE fighters. Hoping to draw off the stations personnel so Rylon can disable the tractor beam power relay, before meeting up at the restricted hanger to steal Project: Shell Cracker.

Hakken recognizes one of the prisoners as Platt Okeefe, the brash and beautiful smuggler celebrity, he asks for her assistance personally disabling the TIEs. She agrees if only to see it’s done right. Two lifts full of the fifteen prisoners and Hakken are unleashed onto the common area. The Imperials aren’t caught off guard however, and a dozen stormtroopers lead by seasoned officers open fire. The smugglers take point, followed by the Eyttyrmin Batiiv Pirates, and Hakken and the Rebels in the rear guard. As the blaster bolts fly, technicians caught in the cross fire flee, and after several moments the battle is done. Two of the pirates have been lost, others injured, but the path to the hanger is cleared.

Meanwhile, Rylon and the droids RA-7 and R4-B3 head down to the engineering level. The lift opens to reveal the coupling directly in front of him, but 5 stormtroopers, an officer, technician, and maintenance droids all share the cramped space. Rylon shows his stolen technician credentials he lifted earlier to one of the troopers, who barks to get the droids to their station and then take his own battle station. B3 leads the way to some data terminals occupied by a protocol and astromech droid. The Imperial droid doesn’t give up it’s station easily, but after some coaxing leaves with the other droid. It doesn’t take the B3 long to splice into the Imperial network and locate information about the Empires movements, patrols, and and cargo transports for the next six months. B3 downloads the information as well as details regarding the nature of Project Shell Cracker and several encrypted data packets. He’s even able to direct Rylon to his battle station, at the tractor beam power relay coupling.

Rylon takes his battle station, begins making readings which he loudly objects to, then calls for the astromech. The Imperial model dismissed earlier comes forward and moves to the scomp link, located under the power toggle lever. Rylon knocks the astromech off the narrow walkway into the superstructure below, hitting the lever and then raising attention the droid has fallen. As the stormtroopers, technician, and droids all look down the chasm below, Rylon starts to slip away. He meets the droids as the officer comes out and notices everyone looking down. With the unfamiliar droids and an unfamiliar technician in Rylon, he calls out. Before the troopers attention is raised, comm static followed by a message burst calling for reinforcements to the common area sounds out and the troopers quickly move. Rylon smooths out the “confusion” with the officer before taking his leave.

Back at the main hanger above, Hakken and his personal army have stormed through, taking out the technicians with ease. While most of the prisoners carry the injured to their ships, Hakken, Platt, and Gia (the freed Dathomiri NIght Sister) fight off a group of TIE pilots as the Tintinna mechanic locks down the docking clamps for the TIEs. The Rebel’s escape with the Imperial Shuttle Rylon and Hakken arrived on, while the pirates and smugglers take to their own ships, a Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter and YT-1300 respectively. Before departing Hakken requests they meet him at the Formos asteroid base in a week.

After some stealthy maneuvers, Rylon, Hakken, and the droids make it to the Restricted Hanger bay. Strangely the door has no guards, though is thoroughly locked down. The electronic lock breaker gets its final use opening the doors and revealing an unoccupied hanger. It’s smaller then main hanger, housing a odd TIE fighter, an unusally large escape pod, various crates and fuel containers, and the modified assault shuttle known as Project: Shell-Cracker. After entering the hanger, the doors behind then shut automatically and heavy locks reengage. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

The ramp of the assault shuttle lowers and a four legged platform walks down it projecting the image of a young Imperial officer.

“I must say, you do move quickly. Though I am unable to be there myself, I will have my revenge Hakken Thul”. Hakken looks confused, “And who are you?” RA steps forward, “That is my former master, Obran Cass, the one I hired you kill.” Cass tisks, “No, you only carried out your programming RA-7. I knew you were on Nar Shaddaa, Thul, it was just a matter of time before the bounty would flush you out. Once we had some inquires on it, I sent in RA here to find and hire you.” Still confused, Hakken asks, “And what did i do to you?”. Cass flashes anger, “He was nothing to you, an obstacle in the way of one of your bounties, a faceless stormtrooper… but he was my brother, and you killed him. Now I don’t need backhand bounties, your a Rebel traitor and your new crew will die the same as your former one… Did you tell him? Oh, Rylon, you should be off at the Imperial Academy, honing your skills for the service to the Empire, but now you’ll die on this day as well. You and your Jedi propaganda spewing astromech. Behind the holographic image, heavy metal footsteps sound, and a huge humanoid droid walks down the ramp. A blast shield on one arm and vibroblade on the other – The Phase I Dark Trooper. “I’m sure you remember this model, Thul, now meet the next step in the Emperor’s technological might.” The escape pod doors open to the spacers right and out steps another humanoid droid vaguely reminiscent of a stromtrooper in heavy black armor – The Phase II Dark Trooper.

The hologram of Cass steps to the side as and the Phase I takes off toward the group of spacers, attacking Hakken with it’s vibroblade. RA is first to react, raising his blaster rifle at the Dark Trooper. Cass calls out, “RA-7, Imperial Override code, Aurek, Krill, Seven, Seven, Zerek”. RA spins around and blasts, Rylon at point blank range. The Phase II jetpacks on top of a row of crates and fires down at the spacers. Hakken and Rylon do their best to take over against the droids, but take serious wounds from their attacks. After Rylon fires at the holographic platform, B3 makes a break for the “Shell-Cracker” and RA seems to come back to his own will and turns on the Phase II droid. The Dark Trooper nearly destroys RA with one blast before turning back on Rylon. With a concussive laser battery, Rylon is knock to the ground. The droid advances on him and blasts him again, taking off his left arm above the elbow.

The engines of the prototype craft flare. Rylon and Hakken make a run for the loading ramp, the Phase I hot on their heels. RA gets to his feet, heavily damaged, dragging one inoperative leg and fires an ineffectual blast at the Phase II. The ramp raises as the shuttle lifts off and blasts out of the hanger bay, leaving RA behind. It’s not a few moments later that a fireball explodes from the hanger.

In space, the two freighters are in a pitched battle with the TIE squad already on maneuvers nearby. Nightmare Squadron responds to the beacon and pops from hyperspace to engage the enemy. Nearly caught in the crossfire, the spacers turn away for their jump to the rendezvous, and escape.



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