Star Wars - The Nameless

Reporting back to the Fleet

Armed with knowledge of Rusk’s whereabouts the spacers of The Nameless leave Tattooine, naming Neza, their Weequay copilot in charge of The Haven Estate while away. They return to the Alliance to update command on the recent defeat at Khuiumin and resupply for the treacherous jungles of Rodia

Hakken and Rylon report back to Commander Elemack about the Battle of Khuiumin. Disappointed in the failure and of the damage to a precious resource such as the X-Wing, but happy the two had survived. He recommends they settle in and he’d meet with them in the mess hall regarding their involvement in an upcoming mission.

Upon returning to “The Nameless” they catch Meka making a secret recording. Leary of spies and still unsure of her past they confiscate the recording. She is cooperative and suggests Rylon find a quiet place to listen to it.

As Rylon and Hakken head to the mess hall, Hakken sees someone following them cloaked and keeping their distance. They split off and Hakken heads into some tight corridors in the bases coolant access. Using the steam as cover he readies his blaster rifle. The figure calls out, “I’m not a threat, got my hands up here” He walks out, hood down revealing a middle aged human with short white hair. He reveals his name is Johan Cross. “I’m in the Alliance’s Intelligence Division and I know all about you Hakken Thul… I want you to join us.” He tells Hakken he defected to the Alliance after the destruction of Allderran and knew of Hakken’s Imperial killing phase while still an Agent of the Empire. Hakken agrees to the new placment within the Intelligence Division provided it comes with some new gear.

Meanwhile Rylon meets with Commander Elemack and is told of a mission to the jungle moon Onderon to take a Imperial listening post. Rylon sees the opportunity to get the flamethrowers for his crews personal mission to take down Rusk on Rodia. The commander will see if his field commanders feel if its necessary.

Rylon finds a quite place in the Officers Club and sits down to listen to the recording. Its a long log Meka has made since stowing away. She retells Rylon’s exploits worrying over his connection to Hakken but praising the good nature at his core. In one brief moment she says he’s much like his parents.

Over drinks, Hakken and Cross talk of the upcoming mission to Onderon as well, but Cross fills in the details that he wants an Imperial Moff captured for interrogation. He also hands over the new gear. A heavy blaster rifle with under barrel flamethrower, telescopic optical site, and a weapons sling along with new laminate armor with enhanced optics and optical cammo.

Later, Rylon confronts Meka over the recording asking how she knew his parents. Rylon is floored when she tells her story. She knew them when they were still in the Jedi order, they left for their love for one another and Meka was assigned to watch over them, making sure they did not abuse the Jedi teachings. Rylon is outraged the were being spied on, but Meka explains that it was not secret and that they were good friends of hers, she even watched over Rylon from time to time when he was still a baby. She confesses that it was for her that they were going on the mission to Chad when the disaster stuck the planet. She reveals that there are other Jedi out there, some that survived the Empires purge but others like his parents that left the order during the clone wars or even before. She goes on to suggust that Rylon may be touched by the force as well and that she and others she knows could train him. Rylon refuses her offer.



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