Star Wars - The Nameless

Safe Haven on the Dune Sea

Having escaped the disastrous Battle of Khuiumin, the spacers flee to Tatooine to hide out in a recently acquired estate on the desert world. Though the Imperial presence has grown in the last year, true controls still rests with Jabba’s hands.

The Nameless and battered X-Wing fighter fly over Beggars Canyon and Mos Espa before coming to the estate. The pour-stone structure is large and square with a domed roof made of transparasteel with two pits dug out in front of it, one with landing pads and the other with an array of vaperators. Four heavy laser canons rest on pillars around the complex.

As the spacers approach the blasters are firing on a group of fleeing Tusken Raiders, the make for a landing when the blasters turn upward toward them. A female droid voice crackles over the comms, “This is a private residence! Trespassing will not be tolerated!” Quickly Hakken responds to the threat, “OH yeah!? Well I’m the owner!”. After code transmission of proof of ownership the crafts are allowed to land.

In the arid desert heat the rouges are greeted by a scraggly Agromech droid with chew and scratches around is chassis and a three large claw marks along its face. With a few curt bleeps the droid begins to hook up refueling hoses. As they get their bearings, a BD3000 Luxury Droid emerges. "Welcome to the Haven, masters. I am “Bettie” and this is AG8." As she gives them tour of the estate she tells of its history.

“Built by a wealthy senator from the core worlds, the estate was originally used to host dealings far away from the republics eye. I was sent sometime later after the senator’s wife became jealous of my presence. After the senator left his office, he began to spend more time here. He built the contained ecosystem and began keeping animals for sport. That’s when AG8 was acquired to maintain the agricultural needs of Haven.

After the senator bottomed out, the estate was sold. Over the years we’ve been traded like sabacc chips between wealthy merchants, gangsters, and holostars. Most never staying here more then a few weeks if coming at all. Over the years we’ve stockpiled water mostly used in the ecosystem, which boasts the only waterfall on Tatooine, but also for trading with Jawas. Sadly the animals have mostly passed away over the years, except the hawk bats. There is an underground garage which stores a land speeder and T-16 skyhopper. The estate can comfortable sleep 20 at its present configuration." Rylon suggests turning the new properties into resort hotels.

The last owner Bettie recalls is a human trader. The spacers are wary of visiting nearby Mos Espa, so Bettie contacts the Jawa traders, who happen to be close by. They trade for a group of droids for the estate. The new droids they picked up include a M-HYD dowsing droid to work the vaporators; Tredwell, R4, and R5 droids for general labor; a scrubber droid to maintain the landing pad; a mine laying droid and a Marksmen-H remote droid for use off planet.

As the go about their business, Gia comes to the spacers and swears allegiance to them. Promising to serve them as long as necessary to pay back her debt from their rescue, provided they return her home to Dathomir once it has been repaid.

B3 comes in later, frantic, and plays back a message from Bettie to Rusk. Hakken moves immediately to the control room, disabling Bettie and removing her droid brain. B3 looks the programming over and finds deep rooted spy programming. As the astromech configures Bettie’s body to be operational with commands so they can continue to fool Rusk over the comm system, AG8 wheels around the corner. Hakken quickly draws and fires destroying the droid with one hit before it could even protest. It isn’t long before a ship is picked up on the scanners.

Rylon and crew strap into the Nameless and wait, engines primed. The ship nears and sends authorization codes to shut down the turrets, but B3 overrides them and intercepts transmissions from the ship to Rusk, tracking it back to Rodia, home of the Rodians.

As the unknown freighter moves to land, the turrets open fire on it and the Nameless takes off in pursuit as it flees. Rylon contacts the would-be bounty hunters, who turn out to be the very same they let loose on Nar Shaddaa after defeating Rusk. Kaakrarah and Vek were the bounty hunters on the Dawn’s Dream and that the spacers accidentally stranded when Rylon and Hakken first took they ship.

The bounty hunters attempt to loose the Nameless in Beggar’s Canyon, but with some fancy flying, Rylon out maneuvers them causing their ship to crash along the canyon walls and explode.

Taking the land speeder to the crash site to search for salvage to repair the damaged X-Wing. Hakken tracks a blood trail and prints, though the stench of burnt Wookiee hair is enough to lead him to crash’s only survivor. As the day ends Hakken blasts the dying Wookiee. His gun runs out of ammo. With the creature still alive and snarling Hakken draws his combat knife and sinks it into the wounded creature.

Hakken walks back slowly toward the canyon, twin suns setting behind him.



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