Star Wars - The Nameless

THE BATTLE PLAN IS SET! The Hutts provide a transponder card from a captured delivery vessel so the YT can sneak past defenses at THE BOX and get the jump on Rusk. While gun boats of Gammorian and Klatooninian soliders wait outside the immediate area ready to strike, the YT descends into the neighborhood market place to see it has fallen into chaos.

At the landing bay six of Rusks minions mill about, while the old Besalisk shockboxer Bruiser seems to be waiting for the occupants to disembark. Hakken sends Godon Netakka to the ion cannon. As the ramp lowers, he opens fire on the control room, knocking out the first minion. Hakken runs down and engages the others nearby letting loose a spray of automatic fire. Rylon comes down next opening up on a confused “Bruiser”, the human landing party run out and finish him off. The torrent continues to fire, shorting itself out for a moment, but causing a massive explotion as it overloads a power terminal. The last man flees and the landing party take after him, cornering him in the warehouse, as Hakken, Rylon, and B3 head after Rusk.

Armed with a missile tube, Hakken fires at the door of Rusks office, blowing a smoking hole in the front office and taking out his two posted guards. The streets are eearly quite for so much destruciton, when out of the traffic tunnels comes Gizwello on his swoop bike. Hakken dodges but Rylon is hit by his blaster fire and B3 is hit by the swoop, sending him spinning, but unharmed. Another pack of Dianoga Riders come from around the corner and open fire. Gizwello stops his swoop in the street and takes cover to fire. The blaster fight does not last too long. Hakken finishs off Gizwello. After the other swoop bikers take cover behind his swoop and take drop Rylon, the modified battery goes critical and explodes.

As the spacer regroup and report to the Hutts, a small orb comes hovering from Rusk’s office.



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